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what information is need for a Tax debt relief company to work on past tax debt with the IRS?

What personal information would I need to give to a company in order for them to contact the IRS about my tax debt?


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5 Responses to "what information is need for a Tax debt relief company to work on past tax debt with the IRS?"

  1. crlbrian says:
    I would think SSN and Address would be what they would need. I personally would not do anything over the phone with someone I DIDN’T KNOW!! I would keep my eyes wide open for scams out there. Do some checking on the company and if they haven’t provided you with a service, then I think you don’t owe anything.
  2. bostonianinmo says:
    They need EVERY detail of your finances — income, assets, liabilities, the details of the tax debt, etc. The OIC application is about 10 pages long — a home mortgage application pales in comparison to what you have to reveal for an OIC. And the IRS has 2 years to consider your application and less than 25% of them are ever eventually approved. (And the claim that a single phone call will stop the IRS cold is quite simply a lie, pure and simple. The IRS will continue with collection and enforcement actions during the process.)
  3. wartz says:
    I am an enrolled agent, licensed by the US Treasury Department who specializes in this kind of problem (for fees that are less than half of what you will pay to one of the companies that are “As seen on TV.” ) A person with a large tax bill generally has a potful of other problems. I always ask for more comprehensive information than IRS requires so that I can analyze it to find the subtle things that help determine what is the best way to deal with your total picture. Regardless of what the ads say, there is no magic wand, one size does not fit all and not everybody qualifies. If you want some more information outside the forum, you can email me through my profile.
  4. v b says:
    As you can tell, many people have a low opinion of the pay-the-IRS-pennies-on-the-dollar ads you’ll find on tv.

    You’ve stated that you agreed to pay them $1800 to work with the IRS on your behalf, but have no clear idea of what they will do for you. You don’t remember signing any POAs (something they’ll need to file with the IRS in order to talk to the IRS)…

    How much do you owe? Why aren’t you on a payment plan? Have you tried to borrow the money owed?

  5. mefuture says:
    Visit or call 1-800-455-6829 for a free consultation, you won’t have to give any private information out.

    Freedom Tax Relief is a reputable company and is BBB listed. Chaeck them out.

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