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what is a insolvency practitioner? need help badly please look!?

ok here is the deal about a year ago i started a course with advent computer training (one of the web design courses £6000!). this was supposed to run for three years.

they have just emailed me saying that they “have been unable to secure ongoing funding for the company and accordingly as matters currently stand we are unable to continue to provide your training.”

they said that a insolvency practitioner will be in contact.

i was thinking of going to citezen advice burow ? is this a good idea?

what am i entitled to ? i have got nothing out of this and completed none of the course as been doing other stuff.

thank you so much for any help you give!


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4 Responses to "what is a insolvency practitioner? need help badly please look!?"

  1. Gaytheist Buddha says:
    Sounds like a scam. No legitimate school charges for the full 3 years up front. You pay fees each semester and that 6,000 pounds is very pricey for some web design classes.

    You need a good lawyer (barrister) to help. Make sure you don’t get scammed by the lawyer.

  2. Lindsey says:
    I’m in the same boat – got the email yesterday. Surely an insolvency agency would pay out as we have not completed what we paid for?
  3. GodsPrototype says:
    I found out about this last night, I have been with advent for 5-6 months and am due to take the final A+ exam on Monday, I am lost now and dont know what to do so I’ve taken it public for the simple reason that I took out the whole package with Advent to go all the way to MSCE. Below is the email I sent to the Sun Newspaper & Daily Mirror.

    ‘Advent Computer Training has gone into administration and hundreds, maybe thousands of students including myself who were paying to train in IT to better ourselves are about to be thousands of pounds in debt with Barclays who is Advents Indemnity finance partner.
    I have been with Advent for 6 months and studying hard toward my first qualification. I was due to take the final exam for this qualification on Monday and start my career in IT but now the dream is over and any chance of a career has all but gone.
    To top it all off Barclays has turned round and said that we must continue to pay off our loans that had been organised through Advent Training even though the company no longer exists – I have five years left and still have to pay £6000 as do many many others.
    The talk on the forums is disheartening and I can see why people are sick of England. I for one having been unemployed for a few months tried to better myself by training with Advent in IT and now, not only do I not have a job or career that I had been so looking forward to and dreaming of, I am now about to be financially ruined. I hope this email is read as I amongst many others are at the end of the road. I’m leaving England this year, gotta be a better life out there somewhere!’

    I have also sent two emails to Barclays and am about to contact training standards and the citizens advice, I am not paying for something I will not be getting. If that doesnt work then I write to the government. Of course this is all minor when you consider the fact that most people/students were virtually relying on advent for their careers.

    I personally have hit a huge roadblock in my career and life now so…I might just go down the pub…the location of the pub being the furthest most point away from kidderminster…maybe Kirkwall on the Orkney Island, that could be more fun than trying to contemplate what is happening with advent! I feel really bad for everyone involved in this and was not expecting this at all. Hope it sorts out soon! :)

    With regards to the question. We will be contacted over the next few weeks by the administrators and any payments due to come out for loans will still come out over the next few days (like mine, although i’m causing more trouble by cancelling the direct debit) If we still have money to pay like myself once the company has been shut down by the admin people then our future debts are abolished but anything paid, we will be very lucky to see any of it. This is shit and I just had this feeling that in the back of my head something like this would happen. Who has a training centre in the west midlands anyway, if it was a successful company it should have been in London.

  4. Arun says:
    I’ve got the email last night too and I am so angry. I’ve only been on the course for two months and I paid the full amount out right. I’ve just lost £6000 for two books!

    One question though, has this been verified by anyone…as in has anyone got through to advent on the phone?

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