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What is a really good credit card consolidation company?

I have about 6000 dollars in credit card debt and high intrest rates, does anyone know of a good credit card consolidation company? One that does not charge huge fees? I know there would be some fee’s for this service, just need some good advice please help!


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2 Responses to "What is a really good credit card consolidation company?"

  1. Allison says:
    I do not believe that using debt consoliation is a good plan. Personally I would not spend even $25 (it’s usually 100s) of dollars for this kind of service that could be going towards the actual debt instead. Instead, I would work 3 jobs to pay these off.

    The majority of people who do consolidations do not change their behavior, which is the main problem. You could be right back in the same boat.

    See the source below for the hows of getting out of debt., This is not easy, and it is not a gimmick. I can testify that it works. Type in the “Baby Steps” in the search field to get started

  2. Mai says:
    There is a great place to go with this. I was in a very similar situation.

    This is getting help from real people without the use of banks or credit card companies. Go visit this site :

    Good Luck!

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