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What is an IVA? Individual Voluntary Arrangement

What is an IVA? debt advice from on the pros and cons of Individual Voluntary Arrangements, an alternative to bankruptcy available to insolvent individuals in England & Wales. Call us on free phone 0800 169 1536 for confidential advice


  1. How to use the individual insolvency register What is the individual insolvency register? Basically, this can be a publicly held signup with details of folks who have...

  2. 4R Business Recovery – compulsory liquidation, company voluntary arrangement, company liquidation 4R Business Recovery is the UK’s leading company insolvency and company liquidation consultancy service. We offer solutions to issues...

  3. 9 Steps to a CVA – Company Voluntary Arrangement Here Steve takes the company director through the steps that he will need to undertake to to put a...

  4. Company Voluntary Arrangements and Administrations BOOK REVIEW COMPANY VOLUNTARY ARRANGEMENTS AND ADMINISTRATIONS Second Edition By Geoffrey M. Weisgard, Michael Griffiths and Louis Doyle ISBN:...

  5. Insolvency In Ireland – What Is Voluntary Liquidation? Voluntary Liquidation is where you have understood that your company can no longer function efficiently and you choose...

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