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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Law » What is Induced to Default? FL Foreclosure Attorney Steve Kramer Explains a Defense to Foreclosure

What is Induced to Default? FL Foreclosure Attorney Steve Kramer Explains a Defense to Foreclosure Florida foreclosure attorney Steve Kramer explains how being induced to default is one defense to foreclosure. Being induced to default simply means you were not aware your actions were going to cause a foreclosure. While talking to the bank explaining your financial situation or discussing options of modifications, the bank will tell you they cannot help you when your mortgage is still in good standing. However, you know that it will soon not be. The bank will tell you to get out of good standing (which means not to pay the mortgage) and then they can work with you on a modification. But when the time comes you suddenly don’t qualify and know they want to foreclose on your home. You defaulted on this property because the bank told you it was the right thing to do and now you need to defend yourself. Watch the video now to learn more. For more information about foreclosure law and my firm, visit our educational website at http where we discuss loan and mortgage modifications. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at (877) 493-4847. I welcome your call. The Kramer Law Firm Attorneys & Counselors at Law Main Office 999 Douglas Avenue, Suite 3333 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 407.834.4847 Tampa Office 8875 Hidden River Pkwy, Ste 300 Tampa, FL 33637 813.975.7463 Downtown Orlando Office 37 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 500 Orlando, FL 32801 407.834.4847


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