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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » What is Obama’s end game, why did Braq drive the Nation into extreme Debt then cut the Tax base … insolvency?

What is Obama’s end game, why did Braq drive the Nation into extreme Debt then cut the Tax base … insolvency?

At first he said we could pay for all his Socialist Reformation when the Bush Tax Free-Bee ended in 2010

Now that we have all that Socialists Debt, Braq Obama wants to extend the Bush Tax Give A-way


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9 Responses to "What is Obama’s end game, why did Braq drive the Nation into extreme Debt then cut the Tax base … insolvency?"

  1. future says:
    The capacity of you guys for swallowing whopper lies just never ceases to astound.
  2. luchadora says:
    I think his endgame is to replace capitalism with socialism. I really do believe that.
  3. alan says:
    George soros is who is pulling the strings that control obamas government.
  4. Paul Grass™℠ says:
    In my opinion his end game is the destruction of the United states as we know it today, and rebuilding our nation into a tyrannical dictatorship with him in control and his party the only one
  5. Typical California Liberal says:
    I know, because when the Bush Tax Cuts went into effect and Republicans controlled all branches of government, they made no debt whatsoever
  6. vixen says:
    First of all, George W. Bush drove the Nation into extreme debt.
    Next, it is the Republicans that will not end the Bush Tax cuts. President Obama is trying to END the tax cuts for the people who make over $250,000.00 per year.
    You need to get your information straight.
  7. Chewy Ivan 2 says:
    Because your Republican friends don’t really care to pay off our debts at all. They only bring it up as an excuse to criticize Democrats and their “socialist” spending. However, when it comes time to actually do something about it, like asking Americans who can afford a higher rate of income tax to actually pay a higher rate, the Republicans back down. It just proves they care more about rich Americans than the country as a whole.

    Obama should have fought against them harder than he did. A bunch of Democrats in Congress lost their bids for re-election because they were asked to make tough decisions on things like health care reform. For Obama to let fear of conservatives and their drive-by media scare him from those tough stances now just seems hypocritical and cowardly. It’s disappointing to see Obama get so much more timid when his job will be on the line during the next major elections in 2 years.

  8. FOOD FIGHT! says:
    So you believe in the concept of increasing taxes increases Revenue. That makes you my favorite Republican. That said we did not really get a lot of cooperation from other Republicans on rasing taxes on the rich.

    Now the deficit belongs to the Republicans exclusively as they have the only branch of government that can constitutionally originate a spending bill. Obama can’t do it. Obama can’t raise taxes. Obama can’t reduce spending.

  9. Zee-ster says:
    The better to usher in an American Union with Mexico, South America & Canada. First stop Ireland, next stop United States. We’ll need the bailout as a pretext for undermining our sovereignty.

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