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What is the best site for Christian debt consolidation? Is it better than regular debt consolidation?

I have 3 different credit cards that now have over 20% interest rates because I was late on one payment. I have heard that Christian debt consolidation might be a better option than regular, but I want to make sure I select a company that is reputable.


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3 Responses to "What is the best site for Christian debt consolidation? Is it better than regular debt consolidation?"

  1. David Z says:
    they are all same. some company is using word “christian” as a marketing ploy.

    contact for 6% interest rate

  2. Wayne Z says:
    No such thing. It is just a hook so you will hopefully let your guard down.

    The general rule is that when someone (or some company) mentions God, Jesus or Christianity in a business setting, hold on to your wallet; they are about to rob you blind.

  3. Lester says:
    I get this question a lot. I have personally reviewed over 50 different programs and have enrolled my credit cards in 7 of them just to test them out for the readers of my blog. Of the 7 I have tested, 2 of them have been Christian debt consolidation. It is virtually the same service but based on Christian principles. So, to answer your second question, I would say “yes” if you feel that sort of service will help you stay in the program and interact with the support staff.

    Here is the best site I have come across:

    Having a domain name that cannot simply be bought for $8 on Godaddy should be the first indicator that the site is legit.

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