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What is the best student consolidation loan?


  1. Student loan consolidation and taxes? If I consolidate my student loans with a private bank can I still write of the interest as a tax...

  2. I am being constantly harrassed by Student Loan Consolidation outfits. What is the ripoff or horror of this? How can a person consolidate their loans clear down cheaper than the federal government originally offers it for? There must...

  3. Student loan consolidation? How? When? I am due to start paying lmy federal student loans back in September. How do I even begin the consolidation...

  4. Student loans consolidation, What are the best private student loan consolidation companies? ...

  5. How do I go about choosing which student loan consolidation program to go through and why consolidate? Current student trying to get a head start on paying off my loans which companies are the most legit and...

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4 Responses to "What is the best student consolidation loan?"

  1. studentloansnow says:
    There are many choices to choose from. I would go here as this website has great answers to many of your questions and also has calculators, software, etc to use to help you get the bets loan available now.

  2. Daniel D says:
    never consolidated loans, never…it will take you
    years and years to pay one loan off. my advice to you is to take the smallest balance on the loan.
    double or triple your payments on that one loan,
    pay off the smallest loan asap, only pay minimal
    payments on the other loans the interest rate is
    cheap…once you pay off your smallest loan,
    focus on the next smallest loan. never consolidated any bills, never…this works much
    better I promise. one loan at a time..just like all
    credit cards bill ls, pay off the small one, double
    or triple up on payments with the small bill, then
    focus on the next when it is paid in full. it is easier
    to focus on one small bill at a time then ten large
    ones. you will gradually pay one at a time off.

    this really works for all bills, believe me, I had
    bills for 40 years, one bill at a time. pay if off,
    then you will get ahead in life. dint use credit
    cards unless it is an emergency.

  3. katb says:
    I disagree with Daniel. Consolidating school loans will actually save you money on interest if you choose the best consolidation program. My husband and I both consolidated through out Direct Loan program and haven’t had any problems.
  4. Student Loans says:
    You have most likely been getting a lot of calls lately regarding your federal student loans. Student loan consolidation is based on what your status is as a student, in school or in repayment. This is how your interest rate is determined by the federal government. Student loan consolidation companies do NOT have the ability to undercut one another and lower a borrower’s interest rate due to the fact that this a FREE federal program, regulated by the federal government.

    Companies DO offer borrower benefits however. There are two main borrower benefits that you will encounter; I would suggest inquiring with the company as to what borrower benefits they offer when it comes to student loan consolidation.

    Remember, it would be in your best interest to consolidate with a student loan company who is tasked by the federal government. If you consolidate your student loans with all of your existing debt, you lose all of your federal privileges on your student loans, (deferment, and forbearance).

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