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What is the best way to get your credit scores back up after bankruptcy?

I have a couple of revolving accounts @ stores & my score is 100 more than my husbands.
We need to get a loan to help our son have surgery but no-one wants to even talk to us. We need to get our credit scores up.

The bankruptcy was 2 years ago. ( My husband had to take a hugs pay cut: we lost our house).
We’re surviving just fine but haven’t been able to save that much.


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2 Responses to "What is the best way to get your credit scores back up after bankruptcy?"

  1. Mom says:
    Ask your bank for a small personal loan of 1000 and tie it to your checking account. Make the payments early and pay it off in 10 months. Now you are building credit.
    As for the Surgery, check your State’s website for Children needing medical insurance category. Every state has coverage for children. Be proactive and search out aid.
  2. Emma Bail says:
    Your condition is really looks weak financially so do not take risk by taking more credit as u already face bankruptcy.just take help from any bank and then take some credit from them as you need it for surgery for your son.

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