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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Debt Relief » What is the best way to settle your debt. Should I contact Credit card bank or debt relief company to settle?

What is the best way to settle your debt. Should I contact Credit card bank or debt relief company to settle?

I am a single parent and have close to $ 15,000 in credit card debt. I tried calling credit card company to make an offer in lower amount. Do you think if credit card company settle with in lower amount of payment would it affect my credit history. What is the best way to go


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5 Responses to "What is the best way to settle your debt. Should I contact Credit card bank or debt relief company to settle?"

  1. mars says:
    they will try to get you to pay all of it , i would tell them i will give you half right they will say no , but wait they will send you a about 45 days to settle with you
  2. michelle says:
    Well i understand that you are a single parent but see if you can call credit report if not call then go to credit the should be able to help.If that dont help im not sure what your pay is but see if you can set up payment plan.
  3. Tema says:
    The credit card co. may be willing to settle for a lesser amount depending on how much you are willing to give them and WHEN (up front, or by making payments?) – This will make a difference, as they would highly prefer a lump sum up front and will be more willing to negotiate with you. Also, it WILL effect your credit rating UNLESS you are wise UP FRONT and tell them your offer is ONLY good under the condition that they do not record a negative comment on your credit report. Negative comments include: “charge-off / re-opened”, “settled.” A good comment, and the one you should insist upon is “paid as agreed.” If you cannot get the exact language then it will effect your credit rating. Tell them your only other option is to declare bankruptcy if they will not agree to the terms. Since a negative comment on your credit report lasts approx. 7 years (depends on your state), this threat may make more sense to them since there’s not much difference between 7 & 10 for you, the consumer. Bankruptcy for you means you’re total clear after 10 years, but they get zero money. They will probably want to negotiate based on this premise. Still, you must be prepared to make a reasonable offer when making these demands.
  4. stevenn.smith says:
    You can bet your sweet bippy your credit score will be affected if you don’t pay the full amount.
    I would cancel my credit cards, tear them up and throw them away.Make a deal with the companies to pay them off and (I know its hard,) cut back for a while.The economy in this country sucks, and I believe we are on our own. Life’s a beach.
  5. eryca k says:
    You can call the credit card company directly to settle your account. If the creditor has charged off what you owe they MAY be willing to settle for less that the actual amount you owe. For instance if you owe $700 they may settle for $500, but in this market maybe not. The creditors will be willing to make payment arrangments with you. If they are asking for more than what you can give just send them whatever you can they will not refuse the payments.

    As far as how your credit will look, well they will not change the credit rating but it will show that you are making monthly payments.

    Best of luck!

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