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What is the best website for Christian debt consolidation?

I have been reviewing different websites for help with my credit card debt. Because of religious beliefs I am hoping to find someone that can offer Christian debt consolidation. Does anyone know who are the best Christan debt consolidators?


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7 Responses to "What is the best website for Christian debt consolidation?"

  1. kelli i says:
    i don’t know…but i would like to find that out too. i guess ask around. ask your Pastor about it. he might have some connections.
  2. Spiff says:
    This isn’t a consolidation site but it is an excellent site for helping with debt.

    Dave is a wonderful Christian man whose life is dedicated to helping people get of debt and stay out. His books “The Total Money Makeover” & “Financial Peace” have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people (including mine) and continues to grow in popularity daily. There is probably a local church that is offering his “Financial Peace University” course or you get online at his website. This will be the best money you ever spend. This plan is biblical based and it will work.

    Check it out before you look at borrowing money to pay money back. It will change your life.

    NOTE* In response to Lester. I am not marketing for Dave Ramsey, never met him. I get no compensation or anything else. Lester’s site is one I would question. This is not a loan program as his is, and I bet its his site. If Lester was so well informed, he would know who Dave Ramsey is and know that he wants nothing but to help people get their life on track financially. He has spoken many times on Life Church, travels all over the country giving seminars, mostly at Churches. He has nationally syndicated radio show, a TV show on Fox business everynight at 8pm CST, and you can sign up for his free podcast on itunes.

    Google Dave Ramsey. If you think it is scam, don’t use it. Buts its not. All it really will cost you is $15 if you buy the book, I would send you my copy for nothing if I didn’t need it. Call in to his show and he will probably send you one for free. I am telling you this because I use and believe in the things he stands for. I believe it is the best program for debt reduction out there. A debt consolidation will cost you a lot more than $15.

    He doesn’t believe in debt. Especially borrowing money to pay of other debt. He can show you how to pay off your debt without having to get a consolidation loan to do it. As a matter of fact, you can’t get on his website and buy any of his material with a credit card. Debit only.

  3. Lester says:
    I have been a reporter and author on the debt industry for over 4 years. I have reviewed several companies in regards to Christian debt consolidation as several of my readers have asked this exact question. The main thing to look for is a company that offers several options, a free consultation, and has an excellent BBB rating. I have tried over 35 different services and this one has been the best above all others:

    You will notice that it has a legitimate website URL and is not being used for marketing purposes like the other answers submitted to this question.

  4. Gilbe-BN says:
    What’s the difference between a “Christian” debt consolidator and a good, honest, hardworking financial advisor or banking officer? Go with whomever is trustworthy that you can work well with. You are right to refinance your debt at a lower interest rate to give yourself a fighting chance. Dave Ramsey shares the same good points dozens of other financial gurus use, but with some more stringent requirements thrown in for people that think a stoic lifestyle makes them better people and Christians. I think home loans, credit, and credit cards are a great invention, when used wisely.
  5. chris says:
    I also us go there and look up debt snow ball it’s on his web site how to do it for free its not Easy but works I paid of $20,000 in credit card debt and my brother paid $35k in about 2 years as for the debt (con)-solidation there just out for your money.
  6. Mike says:
    well I use for debt consolidation and I am very satisfied. they got me out of debt in no time.
  7. BigFish says:
    There are tons of debt consolidation companies but I would go through one of the review websites just to get the basic information about all the different companies available.

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