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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » WHat is the best website to search Foreclosure Properties? What is the best way to buy?

WHat is the best website to search Foreclosure Properties? What is the best way to buy?

I’m looking to buy a Foreclosure Property in Florida or DC and need a good web site to help me search and purchase.


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4 Responses to "WHat is the best website to search Foreclosure Properties? What is the best way to buy?"

  1. Biggie @ Arbor Mortgage says:
    You are really best to contact a realtor for this. All of the websites you go on you have to pay for & be pre approved by a lender. If you get a realtor involved for each of the cities, they can email you the homes.
  2. Christin K says:
    Check the County Auditor’s listings in your state’s county. They should have a list of properties that are in foreclosure and coming up for sheriff’s sale.

  3. ranger_co_1_75 says:
    Financial institutions with foreclosures list them with local realtors to sell. They are then advertised along with non foreclosed property.

    You will need to contact a realtor in the areas you are interested in, and tell the realtor what you are looking for. The realtor will peruse the Multiple Listings and give you a list of prospects to contact.

    The web sites like just provide a list of properties that have had delinquency notices filed on them. They charge you a fee to send you the list. You still have to go through the banks realtor to make a bid or purchase. Save your money and go directly to the realtor.

  4. Robert W says:
    just because its branded a foreclosure does not mean its a good buy. Many fsbos are better buys for the money

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