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What is the easiest way to find Foreclosure homes in your area?

So we are in the market for a new home and need to be pointed in the right direction

What is the easiest way to find foreclosure homes around your area?


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4 Responses to "What is the easiest way to find Foreclosure homes in your area?"

  1. cat walk says:
    Call you local HUD office or bank. There is also a listing in the paper under Real Estate foreclosures. Good Luck and I hope you find the home that you want.
  2. MikeHaleHomes says:
    Foreclosure notices will be posted in the classifieds of your local paper (Legal Notices). You can also look up records at the county courthouse, or work with a local Realtor who works with buyers looking at foreclosures.
  3. jwood says:
    newspapers and local tax offices local courthouses..driving the neighborhood looking for signs, call local real estate offices..
  4. mary h says:
    for those much wanted tax foreclosures(cheap)- you can try google searching tax auctions in (insert) your county and state. they are usually provided by the county financial department or sometimes a private auctioneer is listed.
    For bank foreclosures- watch your local mls listings- almost all bank foreclosures are listed here including all HUD properties, maybe hook up with a real estate agent to keep a eye out for you. like the other person said HUD, VA and USDA properties are availble to- they have a website -go through and find your state.
    Although theres tons of places out there trying to charge you for their services of collecting those foreclosures- most are listed on the MLS- public information.
    Theres also a few auction houses that do bank sales for the smaller banks – you can check out and maybe find some of those.
    Also try to find a agency in your area who specializes in REO properties, theres usually one in a large city nearby – try a google search.

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