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What is the process of getting the credit card consolidation loan?

I need to know about it….


  1. how does the whole credit card consolidation process work? i have\ about $25,000 or more of credit card debts and i really want to pay it all but just...

  2. What is the difference between credit card consolidation and loan consolidation? I am confused. What is credit card consolidation? What is loan consolidation? What is a debt consolidation loan? {answer} ...

  3. Where can I find a personal debt consolidation loan for people with bad credit? I am in dire need of a debt consolidation loan and I have bad credit. I can make things work...

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  5. Bank loan or debt consolidation program for credit card payoff? Due to a family tragedy, my husband and I are currently in $26,000 of credit card debt. All of the...

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3 Responses to "What is the process of getting the credit card consolidation loan?"

  1. Joyce says:
    Knee Deep in Debt
    4 Sep 2009 … For example, if you owe $10000 on a credit card, a debt negotiation … Others may misrepresent the terms of a debt consolidation loan, failing to explain … or help you through what can be a long and complex process. … likelihood of your getting a loan or some other extension of credit may not ..
  2. Credit Expert says:
    Basically you would be applying for a secured loan where you will have to put up collateral. Many have done a home equity loan in the past to consolidate credit cards, however these days that’s difficult w/values of homes having plummeted.

    Many folks now are settling credit card debt with tax refunds, or selling items they no longer need.
    Some are resorting to bankruptcy due to unemployment or underemployment.

    You could try local finance companies if your credit is not excellent if you can put a car up for collateral. May be able to get $10K.

    PS Don’t bother w/”online loan” scams. See Federal Trade Commission report below.

  3. Jose says:
    Follow these things.. One thing you must provide any collateral to get this loan.. This is needed for the lenders to recover the money if there is problem in payment.. If you have high credit, you can anticipate low interest rates, you will not be considered by the lender as risky borrowers.. Getting credit card consolidation is quite easy job…

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