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What is the smartest,way to get my Student Loan repayed ?

I’m in Default and the interest and penalties are growing everyday.
The minimum they will accept , even under a “financial hardship”

Rehab program is $400 per. mo
I can’t repay at that amount currently…but if I don’t the monthly amount will just go Up and up.
I’m a Homeowner ..should I get a refinance loan and pay off the FEDS and attach the amount to my mortgage ?


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4 Responses to "What is the smartest,way to get my Student Loan repayed ?"

  1. Antanika M says:
    work and get the money and then u can pay it or say your family member and then u got 2 pay them back.
  2. wolfenstein says:
    a path to hitler will get you everthing
  3. Tiare says:
    the bad thing about student loans is that there is no way out. cant file bankruptcy so you must pay one way or the other or they can make your life miserable. If it were me and I could afford it, I would take out the home equity loan and pay them off completely, if the interest rate was tolerable. then the interest would also be tax deductible also. you may want to repost this in the business and finance section in order to get responses from people who work in the finance industry as this is not so directly related to financial aid, per se
  4. tommy b says:
    Without knowing the balance of your loan its tough to say whether 400 is really the minimum payment they can accept. Try waiting until the end of the month then call in and offer what you can afford to pay monthly. If they won’t accept it call back in a couple weeks and offer it again if they still refuse tell them you are doing a refi and would like a settlement they generally settle for 85pct. Thats assuming the refi is your last resort. I know nothing about your financial situation or interest rates or how much you would save with a settlement so you will just have to figure out what works best for you.
    Good luck!

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