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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » what legal rights do employees have when a hotel company closes and the employees are dismissed.?

what legal rights do employees have when a hotel company closes and the employees are dismissed.?

we were told three days before the last day we were to work. Are we liable for any type of compensation liquidation. What helpful advise do you have


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7 Responses to "what legal rights do employees have when a hotel company closes and the employees are dismissed.?"

  1. Joe M says:
    They aren’t stockholders, so the only legal right they have is to go find another damn job.
  2. cyanne2ak says:
    Go file for unemployment. You are entitled to it. That is all you can get. I suggest you start looking for another job.
  3. annie white says:
    no, friggin go find another job, like everyone else. you could probably get unemployment benefits.
  4. libsR4kids says:
    You have the legal right to look for another job. Something most of the world populace doesn’t have the luxury to do. More than likely, there is something better waiting for you out there. Get over it and move on.
  5. LawMom says:
    If you work in the U.S., and your employer has more than a certain number of employees (it varies depending on the type of layoff), you are entitled to notice of the layoff under the Workers Adjustment and Retraining Act (WARN). If your employer is covered, you are entitled to 60 days notice or pay in lieu of notice.

    Also, if you are represented by a union, you may have rights under your collective bargaining agreement.

    Call your state’s department of labor for information about your rights under WARN. Also, some states, including California, have mini-WARN acts, which provide additional rights.

  6. Larry says:
    You have the right to go get another job.
  7. Simon H says:
    You are entitled to get paid for your work, for any unused paid-time off, and any other benefit that you have paid into.

    However, if they are declaring bankruptcy, then they can ignore the above stuff, and you have no recourse, not even in court.

    If they are simply shutting down, then you can sue for the above stuff if they dont pay up.

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