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What measures should be taken to save medicare from insolvency?


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5 Responses to "What measures should be taken to save medicare from insolvency?"

  1. Unka Dano says:
    I say give all the money back to those who have chipped in for it. And give their employers contributions back too. 100% of it. No exceptions.
  2. Don M says:
    Get the damn insurance compaines out of Medicare, and Keep all Rep’s way from it.
  3. obamasbro says:
    stop paying for illegals….
  4. Guru says:
    Good question~I am going on Medicare this coming January 2009 but

    then again “how long will this last

    This has been said if he Social Security fails with Medicare this could

    be a black cloud over the Obama administration~~65 millions Americans

    would have no pension and no health coverage (not much?) if the

    Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security would default

    85 million baby boomers would all be crying and I am one of them

    If I had a quick fix I would be in Washington DC~~but for one

    make doctors and pharmaceutical companies more accountable

  5. Hopalong Cassidy says:
    Use what worked in the past.

    Federal ban on drugs solved the drug problem.
    Federal gun control solved the violence problem.
    So, a federal ban on getting sick ought to do the trick.

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