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What program dealing with Symphony sheet music do you consider to be the best?

I am writing a Symphony on a Yamaha synthesizer. The music is saved in the midi format. But I want printable sheet music. What program do you think is the best for that purpose? Sibelius 6 is fine but the harp scores are all wrong there. Thus, I want sheet music of my music peace to be printable, according to the music rules, so that the orchestra could play it.


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3 Responses to "What program dealing with Symphony sheet music do you consider to be the best?"

  1. Jules Verne says:
    Sibelius or better still MuseScore are the only realistic options.

    Remember that a scanned MIDI file is by no means a finished product. It’s normal to have to edit the score extensively before it’s ready to go.

    On any work like this would tend to write the score in rather than trying to import it. It will be much more legible and error free.

  2. mamianka says:
    If you find that the harp parts and others are *all wrong*, then that is the fault of MIDI data – or you. Transferring this form a MIDI file to something like Sibelius or Finale is really backwards – it you had these aspirations to begin with, you should have commenced the writing of your work on a program that is meant to handle it. You are lucky that you can transfer and save it at all -so just get to work fixing the parts.

    Do you actually have an orchestra that will play this?

  3. i. jones says:
    Sibelius and Finale are the best options. If a part is “all wrong” it is not the fault of the program, but pebcak; you actually have to do some of the work yourself.

    … you give no indication of WHAT is wrong with the harp score. Harp is one of the most difficult instruments to write for, so I imagine that it involves either an unplayable part or something similar. One suggestion is to use some of the after-the-fact plug-ins for harp from the Sibelius website. These may be a beginning to correcting the score.

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