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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » What type of bankruptcy can I file for If I have 1 house and an apartment building?

What type of bankruptcy can I file for If I have 1 house and an apartment building?

I need to file for bankruptcy but Im not sure on the steps

I own a 3 bedroom House, and I own a 4 apartment building,

My home is being foreclosed on right now, what can I do to file for bankruptcy?
How do I file for bankruptcy?


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2 Responses to "What type of bankruptcy can I file for If I have 1 house and an apartment building?"

  1. John P says:
    You have only one option and that is to see a bankruptcy lawyer and get some advice from the man/woman that knows. The bankruptcy laws have changed over the years and bankruptcy lawyers do not use this site. You could end up loosing everything because if you have a mortgage on the 2 properties you do not own the property, the lien holder does. You owe them money and they hold the property as collateral, if you don’t pay they will take back their property.
  2. Othniel says:
    You need to consult an attorney. This is far too complicated for lay people to give legal advice.

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