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What will my creditors do when I tell them I have retained a bankruptcy attorney?

I paid my retainer fee for a bankruptcy attorney. I am hesitant to inform my creditors of this move for fear they will rush to sue me before my claim is in the courts. But I want the calls to stop. Any advice or experience?


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3 Responses to "What will my creditors do when I tell them I have retained a bankruptcy attorney?"

  1. obamabuddy says:
    Your attorney is supposed to contact them and that will be the end of the calls since they know they will have to show in court at this point. Usually, though, they don’t.
  2. Bedford S says:
    They can take action against you up until the date of bankruptcy filing. One question are you making payments to attorney for full retainer. In that case attorney will not file until he gets all of his money.
  3. S P says:
    If you have paid the retainer in full, the creditors have to cease and desist any collection attempts against you. No, they cannot sue you at this point, if they even tried they could be fined up to 1,000.00 for attempting as you are protected now under the bankruptcy laws. Your attorney on request from you or their assitant in the office can fax over a copy of your case filing to the creditors. If you have a case#, answer the phone, tell them you filed bankruptcy, they will ask you for the case # , give it to them, legally, they cannot contact you after that. The US Bankruptcy court, once they receive your case, will notify each creditor and it usually takes approx 30 days for them to get the notification. Your attorney can do this if it’s something you need to cease immediately. You can get more bankruptcy info at their website… Good Luck!!!

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