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What would a millionaire do?

I have personal debt of over $60,000, assets of approx $10,000 and a casual job. I have just joined a network marketing company, but the startup costs have proved to be more than they told me it would be and I am floundering, very close to financial insolvency. What would someone with a millionaire mindset do to get out of or improve this situation?


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3 Responses to "What would a millionaire do?"

  1. samdesign78 says:
    eat and sleep….sleep and eat….
  2. juggo_spanlex says:
    Someone with a millionaire mindset would never have gotten themselves that far in debt, one thing they all have the ability to do very well is save money. The only millionaires you see spending money on crap like it’s going out of style are the people who got rich overnight, not the ones who worked for it.
  3. efrankdeniro says:
    He would just make a loan to buy a new car

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