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whats the best way to go about student loan consolidation?

I have a bunch of student loans and i get a lot of junk mail about consolidating. Who is the best to use for consolidating? What type of payments and interest rates can i expect. I have about 8 different student loans out there, from 4 years of school. Some are private, some are federal.


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One Response to "whats the best way to go about student loan consolidation?"

  1. flying_eagle says:
    Go with a reputable company which has had good reviews. Ask your friends or other grads/students on who they are working with and ask for feedback.

    8 loans!? wow… Its probably time for you to consolidate them into one big payment instead of paying 8 loans monthly isn’t it?

    Read more on the link below… also don’t forget to go to your student union or student services and ask for some advice.

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