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What’s The Best Website To Get Sounds/Instruments?

for a music production program (ex: Fruity Loops) besides I need ethnic sounds (acoustic guitars, horns, whistles, harp, etc). If you can help that would be highly apperiacted.


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One Response to "What’s The Best Website To Get Sounds/Instruments?"

  1. youSucka says:
    well if your looking for free stuff, download some acid loops or something….

    But if you want good quality and the ability to make your own sounds then your best bets are:
    1)Acoustica Beatcraft (1000′s of drum sounds and weird sounds)
    2)Guitar Pro 4 or 5 (guitars, horns, symphony, tubas, xylophones, and pretty much any other instrument you can think of.) MY FAV.

    Or if you would like to record you own sounds:
    2)Cubase SX3

    All of these programs are phenomenal. I LOVE THEM!

    Hope this helped, good luck!

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