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what’s the fastest and most inexpensive way to learn how to read music?

i can read a little music–like i know what the notes are, i know key signatures, and i know how to read in 4/4 time, but that’s not enough. I’ve been playing piano since i was 2, and when i was 10 i broke off of playing classical music by ear to get into music recording. now i am a music artist, and i make music and play by ear, rather than sight read pieces. But due to my lack of interest in the piano, i am investing it a Harp. I also plan to start a band soon, and make cds of my harp music, so in order for me to remember all the songs i make it would be logical to notate them right? well that’s my problem. I can write a little music, but i can’t sight read. period. i can’t. It’s like learning french. i don’t know what codas and trills and slurs and ties and all those other stuff are.

i’m sorry for rambling. I can tell you what note you play on the piano without looking, even if it’s G sharp diminshed 7, or some other chord nobody uses in music. But i can’t sight read. I don’t even know how to dictate key signatures. So is there an online program or website, or technique that i can use that will help me learn how to sight read and write music, say, in 2 months? I don’t want to get music books, cause they haven’t been helping. And althought music teachers are the best, they are expensive. Are there virtual tutorials?

again, sorry for the poor structure in the question. I hope you get the idea
thank you

Vespera Carlin
music artist, pianist, drummer, harpist, guitarist
lol thanks :) i love having perfect pitch, but i’m not snobby about it like those other people. I just wish i could sight read. i can’t even sight read yankee doodle, but i know how it sounds so i can play it. What i have to do is use my memory and write down the notes, then play it and remember it, but i can’t remember everything forever.
i’m thinking of going to a musical college, but i want to at least know how to read before i go in there. My school doesn’t have music theory classes, so anywhere i could be taught would cost money


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3 Responses to "what’s the fastest and most inexpensive way to learn how to read music?"

  1. Gossip Girl says:
    First of all, I’m completely jealous of your ability. Let me tell you, I can sight read just about anything you put in front of me at the piano but I would kill to have perfect pitch. My boyfriend is like you, and it drives me crazy. I was classically trained for 14 years and I just never developed that type of ear.

    My advice would be if you don’t have any friends who read music, to search the internet for some software.

    Try this website:

  2. Teh Tarik says:
    I have never had any musical education in my life, but I had the same problem too (but not with harp) but my high school music teacher remedied it for me. Ask around and see if you can’t find someone you know who is willing to teach you. I wouldn’t recommend learning from videos or even books, because if you have questions nobody is there to answer them.

    However, I learnt codas and trills and slurs and ties in eighth grade compulsory music lessons. I guess it’s different wherever you are, but I would expect high school music teachers to know this stuff.

    And by the way, I think you have a wonderful name :D

  3. Music Vocalist says:
    I agree with the other answerer – It’s so great that you have perfect pitch.

    That’s a huge obstacle that so many people have to get over, so you’ve got a head above alot of people.

    I read an interesting article about this the other day, you might want to check it out

    It’s not the least expensive but I’ve heard one of the best programs to learn to read music fast is I haven’t used it myself though, but heard good things…

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