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what’s the real deal with those student loan consolidation outfits?

that send u a 900 ck for deposit if u agree to let them consolidate ur stuff?


  1. I am being constantly harrassed by Student Loan Consolidation outfits. What is the ripoff or horror of this? How can a person consolidate their loans clear down cheaper than the federal government originally offers it for? There must...

  2. whats the best way to go about student loan consolidation? I have a bunch of student loans and i get a lot of junk mail about consolidating. Who is the...

  3. Are there any real legitimate Student Loan Consolidation Agencies out there with a real history? I recently found out that I had a student loan in default with judgment. I thought that this was taken...

  4. Whats the Catch with Student Loan Consolidation? I get all these offers in the mail to lower my interest rate for my student loands — 2.75% for...

  5. What’s the best student loan consolidation company? I’m looking to consolidate a bunch of my federal student loans. I get tons of offers in the mail, but...

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4 Responses to "what’s the real deal with those student loan consolidation outfits?"

  1. cadaholic says:
    go to your local college and talk to the counselors. that is why they are there. trust nobody without doing your homework first!
  2. MeliccaC says:
    There are some out there that are legitimate. But you need to do some research. I have a friend that consolidated her student loans. The interest rate stayed the same, and it made her only have 1 payment a month, instead of 3 or 4.
  3. Gypsy Girl says:
    I’ve never heard of a consolidation company offering money for you to consolidate your student loans. Be very careful and read the fine print. Assuming this is actually a legitimate business, make sure you are not converting your student loans to a signature loan or loan for collateral in the process. To be honest, it sounds like a scam to me.
  4. izdaleka says:
    There are several things that you should look for when you are searching for the right easy consolidated student loan. First of all this should be the fast consolidated flexible loan student program. The keyword here is flexible.

    You should look for such things as the possibility to defer the repayment of the loan until graduation and the possibility to adjust the interest rate based on your credit history improvement and changes in economic indicators. Most of the focus should be on finding the lowest and most flexible consolidation interest loan rate student interest rate percentage.

    You should check if you can find easy consolidated student loan that is specific for your state. For example, if you live in Florida, you should look for the Florida consolidated student loan.

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