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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » when buying a foreclosure is it possible to find some that people have it all but payed off?

when buying a foreclosure is it possible to find some that people have it all but payed off?

Has anyone thats in the industry ever found a home going into foreclosure that has been dramatically paid down however the owner could no longer pay for it? The reason I ask is I saw on a few websites properties that the only thing owed on them was 80,000-100,000. The market values of the house from its area was over 300,000. Could you offer these people the amount to pay off the loan and a little extra to help them out, and to avoid foreclosure? In turn re-selling the home below market value for quick sales? Any input would be greatly appriciated. Thank you in advance.


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2 Responses to "when buying a foreclosure is it possible to find some that people have it all but payed off?"

  1. Doc says:
    Not likely. If people all but owned the home, they would just refinance. That website sounds scammy.
  2. Chris says:
    This is an unrealistic question. If you had a home with 2/3 equity in it then why wouldn’t you take a loan out for 2 years of expenses on your equity line to pay the bills and then put the home up for sale? Anyone who allowed their home to be foreclosed upon with equity in it would be foolish at best. Do you honestly think that the homeowner couldn’t sell the house for more than $80,000 to $100,000?

    Let’s just say that this actually occured you would probably be taking advantage of the elderly or ill and preying on their inability to make rational decisions. If you are in any sort of fidicuary relationship this would likely cross the line into criminal behavior. If you were able to find a person who was willing to give you their home for less than half its value why would they give it to you? Wouldn’t it at least make sense to have an auction and see how things play out? The only way this would likely (and probably does) happen is to take advantage of someone who is not making the best decisions and decieving them.

    You are simply trying to make it seem like you are a good guy “helping” these poor people out and well possibly making some money along the way. You are not helping anyone no matter what you tell yourself. Lucky for you this probably won’t happen… for the good of all.

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