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when is bankruptcy the best solution?


  1. Is Bankruptcy The Best Solution? As we all know, there are millions of people who are currently struggling to make ends meet. Many individuals have...

  2. I have $110,000 in credit card debt. can’t afford min. payments. What is the best solution besides bankruptcy? I do not want to file bankruptcy, but can’t afford even the minimum on my credit cards. I’ve heard of...

  3. A Solution To Streamline Chapter 7 And 13 Bankruptcy Law Firm Operations When a consumer is interested in filing bankruptcy, they will normally contact a bankruptcy attorney  in their area or simply...

  4. Is bankruptcy the only solution for this problem? My house was foreclose end month of 2009, and I am renting a house now. The bank want me to...

  5. IS THE bankruptcy is the last solution for to much credit? ...

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3 Responses to "when is bankruptcy the best solution?"

  1. David M says:
    When it is the only solution.
  2. Flusterated says:
    When collectors are calling your house day and night, when you are losing sleep worrying about your bills, when you have no money left for food or necessities after paying your bills, when you don’t care what going bankrupt is going to do to your credit score because it’s already crap.
  3. Holland Bankruptcy says:
    If you have already cut out unnecessary spending and are living on a budget, but still can’t pay all of your bills, you should seriously consider bankruptcy. It’s not an easy thing for most people to face, but it can give you relief from financial stress and the pressure of constant creditor calls.

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