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When to Consult Insolvency Lawyers

The whole world is going through financial uncertainties and difficulties, which is why insolvency lawyers are a sort of lifeline. In case there are numerous outstanding dues that affect your organization, it is important to meet the financial obligations with the help of an insolvency lawyer. There are several reasons for insolvency including an increased cash expense, reduced forecasted cash inflow or simply a poor cash management. In such situations, companies have no options left but to declare insolvency.

The Role of Insolvency Lawyers

Insolvency lawyers act as a bridge between their clients, the courts and the creditors. A good insolvency practitioner is one with good connections with all the legal departments. In depth understanding of relevant laws and cases is essential to address the client’s interests and to explain the true financial situation of his client convincingly before the court. At the first instance, what happens is that a business owner will explain the actual difficulties or legal complications so as to update the lawyer with precise details.

Insolvency lawyers normally work in team that includes expert accountants apart from the tax consultants. They make sincere efforts to understand all aspects of the business of their clients. They review the account books of the client company to find out the real cause of the bad health of the company.


Insolvency practitioners are also authorized licensees for handling insolvency related cases. They may request the creditors not to take harsh actions against their clients and prolong the time limits for settling the outstanding dues.

Insolvency practitioners are normally associated with the professional bodies such as the Insolvency Practitioners Association (IPA). These bodies regulate and inform the insolvency practitioners. For instance, in Australia, the IPA follows a standard for professional conduct called the Code of Professional Practice (COPP) in the insolvency profession. It educates its members about their professional responsibilities and provides a reference for stakeholders for gauging their conduct.

Area of Expertise of Insolvency Lawyers

If you are an individual experiencing financial difficulties and fearing your situation might lead to insolvency, consult a reputed insolvency lawyer. Insolvency lawyers give advice to their clients in the following areas:

Voluntary administration Corporate restructuring Undue preference claims Recovery strategies Receiverships Liquidations Recovery of trade debts Bankruptcy (personal)

If you are looking for swift and commercially viable solutions to your insolvency needs, consult Rosendorff. This company specializes in liquidation and insolvency laws for both personal and corporate entities.

Insolvency Solicitors – Rosendorff Lawyers is a Melbourne law firm based in Queens Road in Melbourne. Our tenacity, combined with our technologically advanced infrastructure, allows us to deliver seamless, commercial solutions.


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