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Where can I find a Foreclosure houses list for free?

Hey, I’m planning to buy a house, a friend recommend me to look for foreclosure or repos, What do you recommend? and where can I find info?


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4 Responses to "Where can I find a Foreclosure houses list for free?"

  1. glo_river says:
    On yahoo’s real estate section you can search for forclosures.
    Just specify it under listing type.
  2. redbuggy says:
    You can find foreclosure sales listed in your local paper/legal notices. If this is something you decide to go forward with, do your research! There is so much involved with buying foreclosures and if you don’t know what you are doing you can get yourself into trouble. If you find a house you think you’d be interested in bidding on, do your research on it. Either go to your local county clerks records room to check if there are liens on the house that you may be responsible for. If you are not comfortable doing the research yourself, you can pay to have a title search done, but that can be a couple hundred dollars at least, and in many instances, the foreclosure sale is cancelled or postponed before every happening.
    A real estate agent can help you with HUD homes, if you decide to go that route. That is safer then buying foreclosure sales.
    A lot of houses have been sitting on the market lately and I’m sure many would be willing to negotiate, so don’t be afriad to put a low ball offer if something has been on the market awhile.
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