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Where can I find debt consolidation for “private” student loans?

I am a young professional that is over my head in private student loan debt and credit card debt. I have found several companies willing to help me with my credit card debt but no luck with the private student loan debt because it is not considered “secured” debt. My interest rates on these loans are over 20% making my monthly payments total $700. Because I have credit problems in the past I am considered a “high risk” thus unable to get the banks to reduce my interest rate.

Does anyone know of an agency that is willing to help people with “private” student loan debt? I am looking for some type of debt consolidation that would reduce my interest rate and lower my monthly payment. Please keep in mind these are private student loans not government loans. Thanks in advance!


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2 Responses to "Where can I find debt consolidation for “private” student loans?"

  1. Sal says:
    Credit card debt is not secured debt either. I don’t know what difference it makes.

    You are paying for your past bad behavior. You can keep shopping around and see if you can find a lender who’s willing to let you borrow at less than 20%.

    You might have to struggle for a few years on a very tight budget until you get matters under control. Congress expanded the types of student debt that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. I don’t know if yours falls into that category, but it is getting very difficult to walk away from student debt.

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