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Where can i find harp sheet music for the song The Minstrel Boy?

I plan on playing the irish patriotic song The Minstrel Boy on the harp at a celtic festival at my college at the end of february, unfortunately i have been able to find sheet music for the harp for this song, can anyone help, or does anyone know if i can use piano sheet music to the same effect


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2 Responses to "Where can i find harp sheet music for the song The Minstrel Boy?"

  1. Andrew says:
    Just make a search for anything you want to download – say harp sheet music for the song The Minstrel Boy, etc. You will find the links of webpages from where they can be downloaded. To further narrow down search, just click on the new menu on search page
  2. Doc says:
    You can use music for any instrument with your harp.
    One of my most useful books is the O’Neill’s “Music of Ireland”, which is about 1,850 fiddle tunes. All you have to do is follow the melody line, and fill in the chords you’ll use for bass accompaniment.
    So if you have any sheet music, you should be able to follow it.
    But “The Minstrel Boy” is a simple tune…why don’t you try picking it out by ear? Find the melody line first, and then the bass chords to go with it. You have about six weeks…plenty of time, and some good practice for you as you assemble your own arrangement.

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