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Where can I find out about foreclosure auction properites in Ontario, Canada?

Interested in buying a house close to Toronto and I have been told you can get some excellent deals on foreclosure auctions. Any links to web sites or more info on this would be a great help. I live overseas, so I have to use the internet for now for searching for a house. Thanks in advance.


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One Response to "Where can I find out about foreclosure auction properites in Ontario, Canada?"

  1. melaniecampbell says:
    Good luck! I think the best bet for finding something like a foreclosure property is to get in contact with the local government where you are looking and ask where you can get a list of properties. Usually they sell by way of auction, though, I am not sure if they allow online or absentee bidders. I live about 2 hours north of Toronto, and have been searching online for MONTHS to find a foreclosure website to check out some properties, and all I know after those months is that sometimes the municipal government offices can help you out with lists of properties available.

    Where I am the municipal government holds bi monthly tax sales- they sell off properties in the township that the owners haven’t paid taxes on in three years. The government seizes the property, and has an auction of all available property. You submit a bid through a lawyer or realtor, in a sealed envelope. There is a minumim bid. They obviously accept the higest bid. You can’t go back and forth about the amount you bid, you get one shot at it, so you bid as high as you can pay for the property.

    As for foreclosures through banks, I have NO clue. I have asked at my bank and they told me they themselves didn’t sell the foreclosures, they are listed with an agent for sale.

    Try for property listings, and goood luck! If you find a website with Ontario Canada foreclosure listings, please let me know so I can check it out too!!

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