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Where can I find the lowest interest rate for a mortgage refinance?

Where can I find the lowest interest rate for a mortgage refinance in Arizona? I would like to be able to look for it online.


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2 Responses to "Where can I find the lowest interest rate for a mortgage refinance?"

  1. Quicken Loans says:
    Hi There,

    Try typing in ‘home loan interest rates’ or ‘arizona mortgage’ in your Google search engine and see which mortgage companies come up in the search. Then see what each company has to offer. If its unclear which links to follow, check out the search links that show up in the right hand column. If you have good credit, for the lowest rates, look for websites offering ‘wholesale rates’.

    Keep in mind that interest rates are tough to compare between mortgage companies because they hinge on so many factors including your credit, term, and the type of loan you’re interested in. Instead, focus on how much the mortgage company can lower your payment. Or, pay close attention to how long the company has been in the industry, client satisfaction rate, reliability, and trust. You can typically get a good idea of how a mortgage company is received by the public through client testimonials.

    If you have any questions, you can contact me directly. I hope this helps!

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