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Where can I get a good deal on consolidation for my private student loan?

I have loans with the Student Loan Corporation through CitiBank, and I think they’re too generous with themselves. I pay a whopping 8.250% on a 46,000 principal balance. Can I do better?


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5 Responses to "Where can I get a good deal on consolidation for my private student loan?"

  1. cheercraZcoach says:
    Look for loans through Sallie Mae. I’m not sure of the website-probably sallie or something close to that. That is how I consolidated my student loans.
  2. payingcollege says:
    Sallie Mae can help you consolidate private student loans:

    Your interest rate is based on your credit rating, so finding a co-signer with good credit can help bring the rate down.

  3. bluedevilstudent says:
    Yes. Collegiate Solutions has consolidation rates as low a 4%. Their # is 877-490-6639, or visit as they feature reviews, details and options for student loan consolidation programs. See link below:

  4. Tory D says:
    Possibly. Contact and ask for Crystal when you call them.

    Do you 100% have private loans or FFELP loans, Direct loans and a private loan? I’d need a little more information to help you. If you feel comfortable emailing me more of the situation I can assist you better.

    Private loans do sort of screw you over for consolidation. You may want to consolidate all of your other loans and not your private loan. Like I said, I’d need more info to assist you better.

  5. Kevin A says:
    You might check out: They have good information about debt consolidation and student loan consolidation.

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