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Where do I find a trusted credit card consolidation company?


  1. Does anyone know the best company to use for debt counseling and credit card consolidation? I am looking for a good company to help us negotiate the rates on our cards that we used to...

  2. credit card consolidation or, just find a 0% card for 6months..??? I am trying to help ut a freidn and help her with some good advice on how to lower her...

  3. What is a really good credit card consolidation company? I have about 6000 dollars in credit card debt and high intrest rates, does anyone know of a good credit...

  4. What is a legitimate credit card consolidation company? I know they are not the best choice. Please don’t tell me how to manage my credit cards. I am...

  5. Good Credit Card Consolidation Company? Alright check this out, my wife has $20,000 debt to a credit card. Is there any reputable credit card consolidation...

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3 Responses to "Where do I find a trusted credit card consolidation company?"

  1. IAGT says:
    I would not attempt this. Few can be trusted to keep your needs first. Recognize that many claim to be not-for-profit but they certainly pay their employees and management!

    Often they have their interests first…for example, pushing you towards certain consolidation loans or terms that benefit them.

    I recommend you follow Dave Ramsey’s approach (google for his site). It is called a debt snowball. Schedule your outstanding debt from the highest rate to the lowest rate (excluding your car and mortgage). Pay the minimums on all but the highest rate…throw all you can at that card. Once that one is paid off, attack the next card.

    First, remember to cut up the cards. Change your spending habits and consider a second job. If you have car payments, consider selling and buying a cheap paid off car.

    I truly believe most people can get out of their own mess if they are dedicated and truly plan it out.

    Good luck and God bless.

  2. Reveal says:
    There a joke I try one did help my payment at all. Hear what you do first close all account there open that you can. So no more charges can be made to account you give them a promise to pay. What next focus on one account a time pay as much toward that acount till it payed off then go to the next account. Until there all payed off.
  3. CassieH says:
    Most credit card companies are willing to work with you, the consumer. They may cut intrest, or eliminate it, in order to get their money back. Call them, and explain your situation, they might suprise you.I don’t recommend credit counseling, it is reported to your credit report, negatively. Which I find funny, since the whole reason you use them is to improve your report.

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