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where do you look to find a good foreclosure attorney ?


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5 Responses to "where do you look to find a good foreclosure attorney ?"

  1. Spock (rhp) says:
    aside from asking all my usual business sources, I’d browse court filings in my area and find out which firms and attorneys are active — their names are on the cases.

    Then pick a couple who obviously represent the banks, call their offices, and ask for a reference to a local guy who works for private clients.


  2. Ralfcoder says:
    Go to the local office of the state or county bar association, and ask for a reference. Generally, a larger firm will be better for the job than a 1 or 2 man operation. The larger firms have enough manpower to allow their people to specialize and know one area well, rather than trying to cover many aspects of the law. If something is outside the experience of the expert at the big firm, it’s likely that the guy down the hall can answer the question quickly.
  3. bobbi usa rocks says:
    steve butcher sr in rochester ny
  4. JUST ME says:
    Call a title company and ask who is their attorney.
  5. CardWarrior says:
    Do a search on Great service to find attorneys in your local area.

    Hope this helps…

    Check out TaxSaleWealth

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