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Where is the bailout for the American People?

Today I am challenging candidates McCain and Obama to join me in calling for a 10-Year Moratorium on the foreclosure of all Primary Residences owned by Legal American Citizens. This is part of a 4-point plan that they can implement immediately to show their leadership abilities as Senators. This 4-point plan will provide both jobs and debt relief to all Legal American Citizens at a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty. Here is the 4-Point Plan: (1) Implement a 10-year moratorium on all foreclosures on primary residences occupied by legal American citizens. I also recommend that any American citizen, that has lost a home since 2000, be offered homes of similar value, to the homes they have lost. Ultimately the Federal Reserve should be forced to pay off most mortgages as it has been the deceit of these very global bankers that got us into this mess in the first place. Additional debt relief measures will follow to insure equal relief for all Legal American Citizens. We simply cannot allow millions of American families to become homeless. Note that this is a “first draft” of a proposal. Whatever is implemented must be equitable to all Americans. I encourage others to come forward with their own ideas on how a “bailout” for the American People” should be structured. (2) Send out of the 12 million “no match” letters in order to rid all visa over stays and illegal immigrants from our workplaces. This could instantly create over 6 to 10 million jobs for American workers


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25 Responses to "Where is the bailout for the American People?"

  1. jjenson2006 says:
    Your plan would reward all those who made bad investment choices and punish those who made intelligent choices. This leads to the destruction of America and what it has always stood for.
  2. tickyul says:
    This country is done, as the genius Michael Savage say “from a melting pot into a chamber pot”, thanks a lot libs for that one. If you do not study a little history, let me clue you in, White westen Europeans have created and maintained the greatest societies. Do you like modernity, thank a CRACKER.
  3. ciro9 says:
    We The People (through the election process) should have equal seats and voting power on the Federal Reserve Board. The FED care’s only of bailing out the CEO’s of Wall Street & the Bank’s.Not the familie’s that are losing their homes to foreclosure.Enough of bailing out Wall Street and the banks with our money from the FED and we have no say in it. It’s time we deep-six the FED for the sake of the working class people of our nation.
  4. maytruthabound says:
    oh yea, would do you think now as of March 09?
  5. timelake says:
    Your plan would cost more money than it would save….
  6. IBMMuseum says:
    In the video you comment that many “foreigners” are dual-citizens (meaning also citizens of the United States), thus their employers don’t have to withhold their Social Security taxes from their pay. Can you actually quote the U.S. tax code saying that inaccuracy? Make your point without telling falsehoods!
  7. IBMMuseum says:
    I would oppose step #3 of your “4-point plan”, a “strict 20-years moratorium” of all immigration. Why do you want to punish legal immigrants that follow the rules? You would also punish the “legal American citizens” like myself (22 years in the military) trying to bring their immigrant spouses to the United States.

    Your “NEW AGENDA FOR AMERICA” also doesn’t work, as you would prevent my wife (a foreign national, and U.S. Legal Permanent Resident) from co-signing on a mortgage payment with me.

  8. RandyFricke says:
    Right on Bro.
  9. arlendixon says:
    look at the camera dumb ass
  10. Rockguitarnow says:
    Good idea, the problem is in getting that message to these candidates.

    The key to how the big banks control America, which many other nations do not understand, is they dominate the media and basically control communications within America and between Americans.

    The agency in charge of America’s internal telecommunications is called the National Security Agency and it is this agency which decides Americans may talk to which other Americans.

  11. NatureLegalized says:
    Sheeple must thrive on puppet meal. I cannot swallow animal feed & I don’t think it proper to force it upon the herd.
  12. NatureLegalized says:
    Very good! :) *****
  13. SniperZaku says:
    is that a pot-leaf necklace?!? baddassssss,,
    We should all write in our own names. Man does not need to be ruled by another man or else you get the NWO and the Anti Christ and the end of the world plan for global and eventually universal slavery.
    It’s never going to happen in this ERA…NWO isn’t giving up that easy.
  16. Buddy1205 says:
    Legalize marijauna smoking? No way! You’re dismissed.
  17. rattry913 says:
    I agree with everything you are saying . put all the fucking mexicans drug deallers abd foren basturds back whare they belong.
  18. 3swelldogs3 says:
    not to mention the fact that those particular loans were just a slap in the face to the people that actually worked and saved hard to get “real” loans from the banks.
  19. 3swelldogs3 says:
    I’d say some good ideas…however …don’t include fannie mae and freddie mac loans…those people shouldn’t have gotten the loans in the first place…that was money thrown right out the window.
  20. MysteryMoe says:
    lol Mickey Mouse was my idea dang it.
  21. BLESSEDone333 says:
    VERY WELL THOUGHT OUT plan… very interesting –
    You have a very wise mind and I wish they would listen to you.
  22. bcainw says:
    Thanks for that comment.

    Since Obama and McCain are both “evils” I would encourgae everyone to write in “Bruce W. Cain” or someone else (e.g., Ron Paul, Mickey Mouse) this November. I think it is important that we send this vote of “non-confidence” this November. It is sad, in a country of 300 million, that we have been served up these 2 Globalists.

  23. turboredcart says:
    Dude, I cant believe anyone is even thinking of tonights debate. What is there TO debate? Who gets the best rope? (for hanging of us)

    GREAT ideas!!

  24. eae100 says:
    Since your maturity level hasn’t moved past the stage of name calling, and an objective discourse devoid of extraneous emotion is not possible, I’ll simply wish you well.
  25. h2opower says:
    This is a plan that will work to save the banks that need to be saved and the homes of Americans: watch?v=65-vfc40pcc

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