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Where’s The Bottom Real Estate Foreclosure 2010 2011 2012 Where’s The Bottom Real Estate Foreclosure 2010 2011 2012 Finally a way for Real Estate Agents to take the Power Back. REO and Broker Price Opinion Course just released. Have you heard that banks need Real Estate Agents to help list and sell $600 Billion worth of foreclosures. Learn what qualifications The Bank REO Departments and BPO Companies want from prospective agents wanting to break into Broker Price Opinions and Listing Short Sales and Bank REO’s. Check it out here: The Next BOOM Opportunity in Real Estate! Agents NEEDED! NOTE: watch the whole clip at CBS Newsonline


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17 Responses to "Where’s The Bottom Real Estate Foreclosure 2010 2011 2012"

  1. stonefiremetal says:
    so I should wait til 2012 of what month to buy a house?
  2. johnmalcstan says:
    On the TV last night, I saw and ad. “If you have $200,000 US you can buy, not one, not two, not three, not four but five US properties”. I responded to the ad asking the question ” If I had $200,000 USD why would I make such an investment in a country about to collapse and why would I want to take advantage of other peoples misery.
  3. scatesify says:
    @kaos3124 This is incredible news!!! And yes 3 years would be sweet.
  4. kaos3124 says:
    I hope the foreclosures continue for at least 3 more years. That would be SWEET.
  5. mmaghfai says:
    @imatelly so where would you recommend looking for dirt cheap auction for homes?
  6. imatelly says:
    @markustolenitno you can already buy a house for 5k 7 to 9k is very easy to find and iver seen houses for 2500 bucks
  7. markustolenitno says:
    I can’t wait till 2012 Ill buy me a house for $5000 bucks
  8. markustolenitno says:
    I can’t wait till 2012 Ill buy me a house for $5000 bucks
  9. MillyVanillification says:
    it’s astonishing how much effort is invested into analysis of money market. this effort doesn’t produce anything but millions of employees are working on this behalf. No wonder that the US-economy is crashing. It’s only producing charts and bubbles.
  10. rbrouwer5 says:
    same situation….get an much corruption in the paper system and mers…fight these jags. F@#k Chase and all the other banks.. They make way more on foreclosing then modification. thanks to the bailout to AIG and big banks.The Gov allowed this because all there buds (big banks ) were making huge money…and now with the biggest financial heist in American history they have hedged there bets and made money on the bailouts. For the people by the people.nope. For the Gov. by big bus.
  11. rotnflesh says:
    If anyone here is having problems paying on a mortgage, they could file a common law lien on that property stating principal paid plus life experience value; this lien must be satisfied before foreclosure or a commercial lien can be put in place! Common Law Liens supersede commercial liens (thats statutory, security, or judicial) so your lien, in the form of an affidavit, stands as absolute until challenged point for point.


  12. theroilsoil says:
    It get’s far, far, far worse from this point on – there will be no recovery in commercial or residential realestate.

    There are very few good paying PRODUCTIVE jobs, and these are the jobs we need (not financial paper shuffling or public service positions) to truelly to work out of our increasing debt.

  13. sleepwalker29 says:
    @pittsstop If your a buyer you have to pay a Realtor commission. The realtor has the license to sell the homes, and the banks can’t sell them because they don’t have real estate license. Realtor fee’s has nothing to do with your purchase. Realtors have charged 12% in the past. I’m getting ready for the largest forclosure in history and the majority of educated Real estate experts rent. That should be a red flag!
  14. pittsstop says:
    I can’t get Freddie Mac to sell me a house which I’m offering cash for with 3 o 4 percent of broker price. It’s going to get bad.
  15. moniequa says:
    Why would we want the bank presidents tared and feathered when the home buyers are equally guilty. House buyers should be also tared and feathered for being greedy and fucked for being stupid. LOL
  16. Indutrial321 says:
    Why would anybody think that their house is worth 250k in areas, where the median wage is 40k a year?
    It’s a shame that these bank presidents haven’t been taken out and tared and feathered?
  17. taysirk says:
    Aurora property is so upside down, the bank hasn’t modified yet, Im thinking of walking away.. they can have it back!

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