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Which are the Best Debt relief companies or Non-profit organizations?

Does any one have any experience w/ debt relief.
My sister is in need of some help getting out of her mountains of bills due to a divorce and bad relationship decisions. She does not have the luxury of obtaining a loan to help, due to her terrible credit.
I told her to file for bankruptcy but she wants to avoid that route.

Anyone have experience with this.
Where would she find this consumer proposal?
Is this an attorney?
Or debt relief?


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2 Responses to "Which are the Best Debt relief companies or Non-profit organizations?"

  1. Working on it. says:
    A consumer proposal may be a better option – where she will work with a bankruptcy trustee and come to a payment arrangement with the creditors. She will have to make payments but less then paying it all back. She can get a Citi Bank pre-paid credit card to keep building credit at the same time.
  2. mister ed says:
    her best bet is to get a bk lawyer and file bankruptcy and start over!!!!

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