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Who can I contact to help me avoid foreclosure in Michigan?

I am facing possible foreclosure on my home. I live in MI and have read about the HOPE program for people like me. My credit is bad because of my defaulted mortgage payments and the company that holds my mortgage does not refinance. Is there any companies in MI that can help me with this HOPE program? I have looked up FHA lenders in my area and entered my citeria and it brings back nothing available. How can that be? Can anyone help me or am I going to lose my home?


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  1. Suzanne says:
    I am not sure what county you are in, but contact a local non-profit housing agency. They can work with your lender to help you get a modification or forebearance. I work for Northern Homes CDC in Charlevoix county. If you contact MSHDA at 866.946.7432 they can put you in contact with someone in your community who can possibly help. Remember, do not pay for these services! They should always be free.

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