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Who do I contact for information about my rights as a tenant of a house under foreclosure?

I live in Panama City, Fl and my landlord is goin through foreclosure. She is waiting to hear back from her lawyer whether or not her mortgage company

is gonna work out a deal with her or not. I’m so confused on my rights as a tenant and need to know whether to continue to pay rent or go ahead and move on. Please help!


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5 Responses to "Who do I contact for information about my rights as a tenant of a house under foreclosure?"

  1. golferwhoworks says:
    until the foreclosure is final the current landlord is whom you must pay
  2. Prophet 1102 says:
    Generally, tenants have no rights when a house is foreclosed on.

    Who you have to deal with is the company/agency that is foreclosing on the house. They may be happy to let you continue to rent, rather than have the house go empty.

  3. realtor.sailor says:
    I am a Florida property manager. In the event of foreclosure, the mortgagee (lender) must honor your lease. Pay rent as directed in your lease until the mortgagee has possession of the property.


  4. wizjp says:
    Prepare to move out. Your lease is invalid 30 days after your final notice to terminate residence.
  5. D says:
    If you want to know your rights look up the laws online regarding landlord/tenant relationships. See, all that changes is your landlord in the event of the foreclosure. So you may even want to contact the plaintiff’s attorney (the law firm that is handling the foreclosure) and see if they can contact the mortgage holder in the event of the foreclosure. You should be listed as a defendant if your living there if it is just “unknown tenant I” so you are entitlted to know about what is happening on the case. Also you should have been served. That gives the case #. Call the courthouse and speak to the county clerk if you want to know what the status is. If you can afford a lawyer I would recommend it.
    You should pay your rent for sure because all not paying it will do is get you an early eviction.

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