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Who has worked with Freedom Debt Relief?

I am currently in a situation in which I cant afford to pay my bills. I have looked online for help but there are so many types of debt programs out there that I don’t know where to start. I eventually stumbled onto Freedom Debt Relief. They seemed very knowledgeable. They told me that they are the fastest and cheapest way to get out of debt. Is that true?

Please respond only if it is related to Freedom Debt Relief. I do not need to know about any others.


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8 Responses to "Who has worked with Freedom Debt Relief?"

  1. justbelikewater says:
    I helped my aunt research several debt settlement companies over a year ago and she chose Freedom Debt Relief. So far so good; they have resolved several accounts and she is quite happy. It was a little tough in the beginning dealing with the creditor calls but their customer service was really supportive. They have a great BBB rating and have no complaints filed with Uncle Sam and they have been around for 5-6 years…
  2. Debt Guru says:
    Freedom Debt Relief is by far the biggest firm in the debt settlement business. They have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau and are members of The Association of Settlement Companies. They are run by Stanford Business School Gradates and they look solid.
  3. Kathryn says:
    You might want to check out the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. A link is below.
  4. deliciousapple39 says:
    my sister just finished that program. she was able to get rid of more than $20,000 of credit card debt. i think she ended up paying about $11,000 over a few years.
    its not for everyone, but for some people its a life saver.
    i think they will give you free advice, even if you dont sign up with them
  5. bradfords says:
    Freedom Debt Relief is a GREAT option for people really struggling with their debts. It is a debt resolution strategy called negotiated debt settlement that can potentially cut debts with a lower monthly cost and get you debt free fast. They were reviewed very positively here:

    I think Freedom Debt Relief is the best company in the industry, they are on the Board of the industry association, are members of the BBB, are graduates of Stanford Business School and manage over $1.5 billion in debts for 50,000 clients.

  6. effervescentevanescence says:
    I am very familiar with this company. As with any company, it is important to check the background of the potential company you are working with. This company has been around for about 6 years. They are also members of the better business bureau and have a great rating with Dunn and Bradstreet. If you can qualify for a debt program, this is your best bet.

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