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Who is the cheapest Bankruptcy lawyer in Milwaukee?

I am looking to file Chapter 7 and as the situation stands I’m looking for an inexpensive lawyer to do this. I have gotten quotes from $1300-$1700, is there anyone that does the filing for less?


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One Response to "Who is the cheapest Bankruptcy lawyer in Milwaukee?"

  1. rpg says:
    Probably not — that is pretty much the going rate for a bankruptcy attorney in your area (Eastern District of Wisconsin).

    Depending on what you stand to lose if there are problems, it may not necessarily be wise to look for the “cheapest” attorney either. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. (In other words, if, for example, you have a home that may be on the line, is it really worth it to risk your home just to save $100 or so by looking for the “cheapest” (and maybe least experienced) bankruptcy attorney?)

    If you really, truly have a very simple, uncomplicated Ch 7 case (meaning, basically, no real estate, no co-signers, no divorce, no co-signed loans for others, no funny deals with titles to vehicles – meaning, for example, your name on the title of a vehicle actually being driven and paid for by somebody else, no insurance settlements pending, no back taxes, no self employment, no business debts, no disgruntled friends or family members or ex-spouses or in-laws who are creditors, no non-filing spouse, no tax liens, no unfiled tax returns, no immigration status issues, no preference payments, no “naive” creditors – meaning, creditors who’ve never before received notice of a bankruptcy filing – i.e., small local businesses or private individuals, not facing immediate eviction or replevin of a vehicle) then maybe you can get away with “the cheapest” attorney. But if you have ANY possibly challenging issues, I’d be looking at how much you stand to lose if the case goes badly rather than necessarily trying to find the “cheapest” attorney.

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