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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Student Loan Help » Who owes more? My Student Loans or Ecuador’s National Debt?

Who owes more? My Student Loans or Ecuador’s National Debt?

What can I give the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) in exchange to partially forgive & refinance my loans?

Bush was my Financial Aid Advisor :-(


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10 Responses to "Who owes more? My Student Loans or Ecuador’s National Debt?"

  1. golfer7 says:
    If you took more than 15 years to get your degree and were able to borrow more than the maximum, I estimate that your debt is higher than Ecuador’s. If you got loans from the IMF, tell me how’; I want in.
    Forgive & refinance? Just talk to them real, real nice; they will understand, forgive and forget.
  2. Anne Coulter's Nemesis says:
    Take two online classes a semester and refuse to pay them back. F*ck Sallie Mae.
    Did you know that if you default on your loans that the government will pay Sallie Mae anyway? And, that Sallie Mae will still come after you to pay for your student loans without paying back the government. Yep. People can blame the student all they want, but it’s really the corporations that are ripping off the tax payer, the government and the lendee. Just like in the recent mortgage lending practices going on today is going to rip off the homeowner, the small bank, the taxpayer and the shareholder. It’s all a very corrupt system.
  3. Ambrose says:
    Uh. There are some teaching programs that will partially forgive loans. You have to commit for a few years.
  4. PD says:
    certain teaching programs pay back loans
    certain corporations will too

    and of course

    your uncle sam will pay them back for a couple years in the army

    ambrose is right, mel is in a conservative dreamworld – you can’t get a real degree and work 60 hours a week anyway.

  5. everbrook says:
    You enjoyed our Taxpayer Money.
    But now, you don’t want to pay us back.

    I LOVE IT.

    Democrats make it clear that they should get the Loans for Free and not have to pay them back—–

    No matter how educated and Rich Democrats get to be, they are still just Welfare People.

  6. R J says:
    You make a good point ans as normally get a star, hope that helps. I didn’t know you were a doctor. You should hve gone to another country, then come in as a visa immigrant and had paid schooling, then become an American. They say in 2020 70% of all doctors will be from foreign countries here in the states.

    I think it is insane that someone that has the smarts to be a doctor must spring for $200,000. If Bush advised you then you spent over a million and jprobably had a few DUI thrown in for experience in military stuff.

    I dont see why yo want to knock that country from South America we import, ah, something fro them, don’t we. I have never seen a “Made in that place” tag on underwear.

    The blonde headed lady is right, Sallie gets paid and then gets paid. Take care.

  7. Seriously? says:
    The Irony you can’t get a decent job unless you graduate college yet after graduation you can’t live comfortably until you pay off all the loans you had to take to pay for the degree?

    Everbrook you should try to relax more go to a spa or do yoga or something because it appears that lines of coke have fried your brain/made you evil – you know they say that the devil does wear prada. Were you neglected as a child?

  8. WordBarker says:
    blood at least its worth some thing
  9. Cookie Monster says:
    Definitely your student loans. You should have jumped in the cookie business when you had the chance.
    I would have even allowed you extensive use of my cookies! Too bad you declined & I had to give my cookies to someone else.
  10. rockandroll58-79 says:
    Ecuador’s National Debt, because I really don’t know how much your Student loan is. PRESIDENT Bush has nothing to do with personal
    Student Loan Problems!!
    You might be nice enough to give the IMF half of your fees at your next court case to partically forgive & to refinance your loans.

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