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Why Are Otherwise Rational Conservatives…Christian?

Why is it with conservatives, that…

- When it comes to the economy, they reason using math,
data, proven economic theory, and business logic.

- When it comes to national defense (with the possible
exception of Iraq) they grasp political realities and
understand rationally, the need for a strong military, and to
confront developing threats.

- When it comes to social welfare, they do well to illustrate the
nanny-state programs that keep the impoverished enslaved
to the government, and the ways handouts demotivate
people to ever better themselves.

All reasoned…rational…based on evidence, math, wisdom…

…yet when it comes to RELIGION…80% of them beleive in talking snakes, men trapped in whales, cherubs with harps, and a magical superheroes that split seas with their hands, walk on water, fly to heaven body and all, etc, etc, etc.

Why can’t conservatives bring themselves to use logic and reason on that issue as well?


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14 Responses to "Why Are Otherwise Rational Conservatives…Christian?"

  1. Tin Foil Fez says:
    You just insulted black Christians too. You Dems! Geez! What’s next. Pulling KKK Byrd ‘s robes out.
  2. Bauran says:
    What about those of us who believe, understand and defend all the things you listed “but” religion.

    I do not practice a religion of any kind and follow no Deity.

    I’m part of the other 20%.

  3. JeffyB says:
    Perhaps you’ve been on holiday for the last two Presidential terms, but since Bush has taken office and sleazeballs like Trent Lott and Tom Delay worked their magic, the GOP no longer uses business logic or economic theory, unless it’s “how much bribe money can I get to fund my corrupted lifestlye and still remain in office?”. They are all princes of pork now too. This is why so many of us are “EX-Republicans”.
  4. mark h says:
    Well you could ask the other question which is why are liberls such good atheists and practice poor judgement in the other areas you bring up.

    Methinks it is not a coincidence.

  5. Marley says:
    I see the irony too! Yet, your guess is as good as mine…but this might help you in an arguement. Jesus was a long-haired, bearded, barefoot, hippy, passifist Jew; the exact opposite of most conservatives I know. This only proves, that they are literally out of their minds and inconsistant in their logics. But, I guess religion is its own world really, it can go so many different places, but science, and topics of the same nature can only go a few. Well, I hope that helped!
  6. Phoenix Quill says:
    Actually, there’s a difference between the Religious Right & the Libertarian Right.

    Jesus was a fairly liberal fellow, not unduly fond of the rich and such.

    Christianity would be far more evenly divided between Right & Left if the left wing socialists had not embraced Karl Marx’s notion that Religion is evil.

    Most Christians sense the Left has it in for them & so side with the Right, which is happy to have the votes.

    This is more a matter of politics making strange bedfellows than inconsistant rationality.

  7. sonicdeathmonkey says:
    “Rational Conservative” is an oxymoron.
  8. Soop says:
    And yet at the heart of the question is the belief that everything we see comes from nothing? As if the Big Bang explains everything? A super dense core of material about the size of a basketball suddenly exploded resulting in the universe as we know it. Great. I’m fine with that. But ….. using logic ….

    where did that “basketball” come from? Had to come from somewhere. Who or what caused it to go boom? Must have been something.

    Religion has sought to answer the most fundamental of LOGICAL questions. It’s hard for me to hate on it regardless of whether it’s Christian, Muslim, Jewish or whatever theory.

  9. jdm says:
    But what is logic and reason in that argument? That there is NO god? You can prove that just about as well as they can prove that Jesus turned water into wine.

    Now, if you tell me that when handed a theory of evolution, complete with evidence and scientific fact, they still insist that dinosaur bones are fake, then I’m with you. That’s wacky. However, if people choose to take that sort of view on life, or just a run of the mill Christian one, it shouldn’t detract from their political views in anyway. Like I said, an Atheist can only prove there is no god as well as a Christian can prove there is one. They’re both faiths and they could both be wrong.

    Aside from all of that though, great question. I’m a conservative (minus the strict religious views) and agree with you 100%.

  10. nileslad says:
    You got me wondering now… the flip side of your question.. whether rational liberals , applying standards of math wisdom, etc. , are equally dismissive of all world religions… Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, Judaism. And if all of the followers of those faiths are as “ignorant” as the Christians are..
  11. m says:
    BECAUSE! we understand what is important in life. the logical thing is to put you trust and faith in God and he will provide.
    Thats just how the world works.
    When you begin to question it you lose faith. Then you life has no purpose.
    Does anybody really want that?
    Don’t complicate the simple matter.

    Being a Christian means using logic. Because it would be illogical to disobey the Word of God, because that means certian condemnation.

    Here’s my question to you:
    Why don’t you use logic?
    Do you really want to go to Hell?

    You think too much. You need to trust. Find yourself a good Church family. Without the body of Christ you are lost.

    God Said it a BANG it happened.
    If you’re an educated adult then you shouldn’t be asking that question. Any child could give you the same answer.
    You sound really ignorant.
    God tells us to respect our fellow man, but I would find it really hard to respect anyone who didn’t beleive. Have you ever met an real for real atheist?

    The serpent in teh Garden of Eden wasn’t a talking snake, he was Satan in the FORM of a snake!!! He caused man to first sin. And I beleive because there is proof of that in all the sin that there is in the world today, and every day since the fall of man.
    It wasnt a whale it was a big fish, and God sent it to save Jonah!!!! If it hadnt been created Jonah would have died and never taught the people of Ninavah!!! That would have been horrible!
    Of course theres such thing as cherubs with harps! Do you not beleive in Angles?!
    God split the sea! No body did it with their hands, God told Moses to hold out his rod, it was a testing of his obedience. It was Moses faith that God decided he and his people were worthy to be saved and brought out of the land of Egypt.
    JESUS CHRIST IS NO “MAGICAL SUPERHERO”!!!!! how could you even say that!!!!
    He’s your savior and mine! With out him you have absolutly no hope of entering the kingdom of heaven. no salvation, but eternal death!!!!
    thats a terrifying thought.
    you could die at any given moment, having lived you life in sin and being unforgiven from those sins.
    Christ DIED on the cross!!! can you imagine how agonizing that must have been! But he didn’t do it for nothing. You cant take advantage of your personal savior that way. Its the most evil thing ever!!

  12. Judy M says:
    Number 1; all conservatives are not Christians. Now, that being said, I will tell you that it is all about what you believe. You just made the Bible sound like some kind of fairy tale and I personally resent that. I am a Christian and, yes I believe in God and I believe the Bible’s teachings but, guess what? I am not a right wing conservative. I am a moderate who believes in 2 sides to all issues and every story I even believe abortion should be legal cause it is a woman’s right to chose even though I couldn’t have had one. I am perfectly sane and logical and now I have to wonder if all left-wing liberals are atheists.
  13. Stone K says:
    So because someone has faith in something greater than themselves they are illogical?

    The stories of the bible are a way to make an understanding of what it means to be human, what’s wrong with that?

    Besides who says that the stories are based in make believe?

    Archaeological evidence is showing some of the stories are based in real events.

    The great flood for example… There was a great flood that swallowed up huge swaths of land and killed entire towns and settlements. The flood was the end of the last ice age. In fact there was a program about it just the other night on the history channel. At the bottom of the English Channel near the Isle of Wight, they have found evidence of civilization under the water, below the marine layer, which means at some point humans lived on the spot… A spot well below the water line. Roman, Greek, Persian and Egyptian mythos tell a similar story… SO besides some embellishments the story seems to have a basis and an oral tradition that goes back thousands of years. Remember there was no TV or radio, stories were told person to person, and like all stories the tale picks up bits and pieces from each story teller.

    Moses and the parting of the red sea or as you referred to it “magical superheroes that split seas with their hands”, Again history and archeology says there may be an explanation for that as well, simple misinterpretation. It is believed the Red sea written in the old manuscripts really meant “REED” sea, a marshy lake area near the red sea, and that Moses led the people trough the reeds to escape the Pharaoh. So trough simple misinterpretation and dramatic effect the story became something different.
    Does it change the point of the story? No
    Does it eliminate the fact that it may have happened (even potentially)? No

    The bible is not meant to be a word for word history of people or humanity; it is supposed to be a guide with parables and ideas that you can take with you. A way to reach a higher plane, be it spiritual or personal. It is supposed to remind you that it may be far more than just mere chance that we are alive.

    Rational thought points to the fact that the odds of life simply sparking into existence without some kind of outside influence is infinitely improbable; that mere luck, and chance was capable of creating humans with a full ability to create and think are also equally improbable on a cosmic scale.

    Einstein himself said “God does not play dice.” In other words there is very little that seems to fall in to the realm of chance, there are patterns and order even among the chaotic of the universe. And again rational thought says where there is order there must be some form of intelligence.

    So if rationally speaking, considering order can only come trough intelligence, the odds of life simply popping in to existence without a trigger, A pinnacle of intelligent and logical life manifested from lesser base instincts and that there seems to be plenty of evidence that there is growing proof that the stories of the bible may not be entirely untrue at their core… It would seem that not having faith in something greater, not accepting the possibility that it was not mere luck or chance that made us and that insulting others for using rational thought and judgments, is its self illogical, irrational and ignorant.

    So it seems it is pretty rational to be a person of faith. And in case you think otherwise, I am not particularly religious. I am just open minded and rational enough to say, “You know, there is more to the story than either side sees.”

  14. Smith says:
    The obvious answer is that we were raised that way, but another reason can be best summed up from the following:
    Christianity as the Best Explanation

    By Melinda L. Penner

    Christianity can be seen as an explanatory hypothesis to account for certain phenomena we observe in the world: the origin of the universe, the design of the universe, and the universality of morality. The explanations that Christianity provides to this empirical data provide a cumulative case for the rationality of Christianity, and in fact, the superiority of Christianity to other belief systems. Monotheistic religions (namely Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) enjoy a special rational advantage over other kinds of religious beliefs in their explanatory power, but, as will be shown, Christianity is the most rationally satisfying. Three criteria can be applied to developing the positive case for Christianity and simultaneously the negative case against other religious belief claims: logical consistency, empirical adequacy, and existential viability.

    Logical consistency seems to be more “cut and dry” than the other two criteria. Logic is a natural function of human minds and is universally practiced. In fact, the universality of logic itself needs to be explained in a religious worldview. Many religious beliefs can be dismissed at the outset because they fail this first criterion, for example eastern religions that deny rationality and logic. They not only cannot account for logic, they fail the test of rationality since they hold contradictory beliefs.

    Christianity is sometimes accused of being illogical, but on closer inspection is rigorously logical. The doctrine of the Trinity is often dismissed as illogical, but is only done so because it is misunderstood or mis-defined (sometimes by ill-equipped Christians). The charge that the Trinity entails a contradiction fails from a category fallacy because the doctrine is sometimes defined as “three gods and one god,” or more simply “three in one.” The doctrine of the Trinity was carefully and meticulously formulated by the early church with great attention to the laws of logic and metaphysical categories. In fact, much of the first 1500 years of the history of Christianity was marked by great intellects who recognized that, if God created the world, then rationality was one of the features of the creation and it must be brought to bear on the development of doctrine.

    Monotheistic religious beliefs also explain the existence of rationality and logic. The laws of logic seem to have a different feature than the laws of nature. The laws of nature are a posteriori inductive observations about how the world functions. There does not seem to be an necessity to them though they are regular, nor is the violation of them in a supernatural act really the same as if the laws of logic were violated. In fact, it is impossible to imagine a real world scenario where the laws of logic could be violated. The laws of logic are discovered a priori, they are features of the mind that bear on our thinking before it even begins. There is an incumbency to them that we cannot escape. The best explanation for this seems to be a rational Designer of the universe Whose own rationality is reflected in the operation of our minds.

    Morality is the same kind of case. There is an advance incumbency to morality that is not just an a posteriori observation about how humans tend to function. There is an obligation feature to morality that cannot be reduced or explained away by naturalistic theories. Other religions than Christianity, and even atheists, can offer explanations for morality, but none seem to capture our true experience of morality as monotheistic religions do. Morality cannot be explained adequately in functional or reductionistic terms because they omit a central feature of morality, namely the obligation and quality of morality. Naturalist explanations for morality have a much less satisfying explanation of the grounding requirement of obligation. Obligation seems best understood in terms of minds and persons. A “thick” naturalism, as Plato’s, may be able to account for non-physical features of the universe, such as morality, but the obligation feature is still troublesome. Obligation seems to beg for another person to be obligated to. Morality may be a natural feature like health, but it is normative in a different kind of way than mere observation of proper functioning. The obligation is best understood in terms of persons, which narrows the field of religions that can account for this feature.

    Empirical adequacy is a second criterion that should guide the evaluation of possible religious explanations. Science is a deprived discipline without the possibility of theistic explanations. There are good scientific and philosophical reasons to believe that the universe had a beginning and that that cause was personal. Clearly this would rule out natural explanations for the origin of the universe. This also rules out some religious beliefs that maintain that the universe is infinite. The personal cause must be adequate for the origination of the universe, and the monotheistic religions describe this kind of God. The God of monotheism is the best explanation for certain features of design we encounter in the universe. Rationality and logic, morality, regular laws of nature all seems to suggest a Designer of a certain kind: one who reflects these kinds of features.

    Existential viability is the final criterion and the most subjective. This criterion is not about the most convenient or appealing religion to live out. It is the most deeply satisfying in a way that is incongruent with the modern notion if satisfaction or happiness; it is a teleological notion. It deals with deep, fundamental issues human beings question. Christianity best answers the challenge of evil in the world. Not only does Christianity explain the origin and redeeming purpose of evil, it gives it a rational basis in that it is the deviation of the good that was innate in creation as God made it. Thus far, Islam and Judaism fare well in their explanation. However, Christianity offers a rational and satisfying solution to evil with the final judgment and the offer of forgiveness for the evil we perpetrate. Christianity does not deny the reality of evil or make it a necessary part of the universe; it presents it as an aberration that will be corrected on a cosmic and personal level. Eastern religions and New Age variations do not account for the real experience of evil, nor do they offer a satisfying solution.

    Monotheistic religious beliefs offer existential satisfaction in offering a relationship with a personal God. The universe is real and our desire for relationship with a Person is real. The goal of Christianity is not to deny the reality of the world or our personal identity, as some religious beliefs offer, but to satisfy our deepest longings.

    Much of the evidence thus far is congenial to three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. How can Christianity be demonstrated to be rationally superior to these other viable options? First, Jesus made substantive authority claims that were uniquely affirmed by His acts, including the resurrection, and contemporary testimony. The Bible offers historical evidences that can be verified that do not stop in the Old Testament, but continue in the New Testament and the coming of the Messiah. Jesus grounds His authority in His miraculous works and the resurrection, which are all testified to by eyewitnesses. He is the promised Messiah of the Old Testament and the most superior Prophet sent by God. The New Testament offers fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and makes a more substantive authority claim than the Koran. Jesus is not only a prophet, but God Himself; and Jesus validates His identity claim with His deeds, including the resurrection. It also offers further information that solves Old Testament problems, such as the hints of the Trinity. The New Testament also offers a New Covenant that is superior to the promises and relationship that Judaism and Islam offer. Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism and God’s plan in the Old Testament.

    Christianity offers the most rational satisfaction of the three criteria. It best incorporates and explains our experience of the world and our own existential experience. Christianity takes logic seriously, and, indeed, grounds logic. Christianity is the most rational of religions, and therefore it can be recommended as superior to all other religious beliefs.

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