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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Mortgage Refinancing » Why did NBC put more priority in its news program on the Ramsey case than on Warren Jeffs’ arrest?

Why did NBC put more priority in its news program on the Ramsey case than on Warren Jeffs’ arrest?

The Ramsey case is over a year old and has been harped on continually by the media since it first broke, and concerns only one murder. Jeffs’ arrest concerns a community of a thousand people and involves polygamy with young women, religious demagogery, and the possibility of a major confrontation between the group and authorities. So why did they shelve the story into two sentences and give a major segment to Jon Benet Ramsey?


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4 Responses to "Why did NBC put more priority in its news program on the Ramsey case than on Warren Jeffs’ arrest?"

  1. micrensoi says:
    i think neither should be national news..we had a death row suspect escape from prison locally..police actually stopped him video was released of them talking saying he looked jsut liek teh guy..he was running down railroad tracks wearing workgloves..they let him go..there was major manhunt for weeks..he was also stopped by police later in canada and got away again has been on fbi most wanted and on crimestoppers but never on who cares bout that stuff..what about the other news instead of same thing everyday..
  2. intelligent_friendlistener says:
    All news is based upon Ratings and JonBenet got the ratings. Even though they knew going in that trashing John Karr may just get them into court like when they trashed Richard Jewell as the Olympic Bomber knowing he was not guilty. Sensational tabloid ratings are outweighing truth in every case with every newsperson. Newspeople are becoming the scum of the earth. If the had a CLUE they would get the fact that it was Patsy in the basement with a garrote, a tire iron, and a hair brush. The National Enquirer is NO 1 with a bullet.
  3. JP says:
    Many news stations do not tell the news for the news. They report what they think will give them the most publicity and coverage for that season or hour.
  4. Veda says:
    First of all they just got him ; give it time . That’s all that was on TV last night . I saw many programs discussing the case . Larry King had some of his former followers who escaped the cult-like religion .; and one who will testify in court against Jeffs. Maybe the only thing you were watching was the Ramsey case. You missed it , dear .

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