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Why did Republicans crow about the recent alleged reduction in the deficit…………?


the economy is facing a major insolvency crisis

reducing slightly the rate at which the colossal national debt is increasing is trivial

it’s like a 300 lb man claiming that a reduction in his rate of weight gain from 5 lbs a month to 4 lbs a month is good news

good news? i think not

(i say allegedly, since i wouldnt be surprised if the figures were massaged to make them appear better than is the reality)


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4 Responses to "Why did Republicans crow about the recent alleged reduction in the deficit…………?"

  1. witwwats says:
    You should probably immigrate to Canada, since America is so distasteful for you.
  2. Paul B says:
    Doesn’t anyone familiarize themselves with Yahoo!Answers terms of service? They state very plainly that Yahoo!Answers is *not* an open forum where users can rant and rave about their favorite political party, conspiracy theory, how illegal immigrants should be treated, or why chocolate ice cream is better than strawberry.

    As for this particular rant — obviously this person isn’t old enough to realize yet that *all* politicians are basically little more than crooks, regardless of their political persuasion.

  3. laduron7 says:
    Basically, they are
    1) lowering their previous “estimate” of the deficit and claiming that it is actual lowering;
    2) not counting borrowing 78 billion per year due to the Bush tax cuts (and the Iraq adventure) as part of the deficit (and not the interest on that either).
  4. smsmith500 says:
    No you are wrong, matter of fact the deficit reduction has been steady since the Bush tax cuts went into effect. And a reduction is far better than the massive increase the Democrats are planning if by some misfortune the get back into the oval office. Of course the increases will be “massaged” to make it look like they are not falling on the backs of the middle class and poor.

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