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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Why did Tennessee’s Democrat governor, Phil Bredesen, tell Obama that “public option” does not save money?

Why did Tennessee’s Democrat governor, Phil Bredesen, tell Obama that “public option” does not save money?

Tennessee’s “TennCare” program, an attempt to expand coverage to low-income uninsured, included dead people, escaped felons and NBA stars. It drove doctors and insurers out of the state, and has been on the brink of insolvency several times.

Tennessee’s Democrat governor, Phil Bredesen, recently went to Washington, D.C., to explain to Congress that government health care does not lower cost.

The question is – Is anyone in Washington DC listening to what other states have experienced with their failed programs?
Tribeca = are you a paid Obama spokes man. The CBO also said that Medicare would not be bankrupt in 2009 either. I guess the were right about that too.


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5 Responses to "Why did Tennessee’s Democrat governor, Phil Bredesen, tell Obama that “public option” does not save money?"

  1. HQ says:
    I’ve used Tennessee’s failed attempt at a social healthcare program many times to deaf ears. I guess people just have to see it fail on the national level before they get it.
  2. The Patriot says:
    Because he is getting his facts mixed up. Obama’s reforms are based on what saves money and lives and works abroad.

    I am always amazed how many Americans seem not to be aware about the real healthcare issues relying instead on FOX and other sources to spread lies about the healthcare system of the USA and those abroad. I mean, if healthcare in nations with universal coverage is so bad, why do they keep it?
    Obama wants to make insurance more available to all and change the system so that it gives the American people value for money [1]. He also wants change so that the insurance companies find it harder to get out of paying for treatment. The system he is proposing looks similar to that which works in Taiwan where private companies are involved in providing healthcare [2].
    Obama campaigned on reforming the healthcare system. He said he wanted to make insurance more available and he was elected by the American people to do this [3].
    FACT – the US has higher death rates for kids both for kids aged under one and those under five than western European countries with universal health coverage [4].
    FACT – American insurance companies push up prices and work to stop paying out claims on those they cover [5].
    FACT – the USA spends more on healthcare PER PERSON than any other nation on the planet [6].
    That means that a dead American four year old would have had a better chance of life if they were born in any western nation with universal health coverage.
    If you do not like the policies that Obama was elected to bring in, he can always be voted out of office in 2012. But if you disagree with the facts, please let me know. I am always willing to learn, but please provide proof. None of those who disagree with me have been able to do that so far.

  3. Holy Cow! says:
    Tennessee is a red state. The program’s main flaw is it sends the poor to emergency rooms instead of cheaper clinics.
  4. tribeca_belle says:
    The Congressional Budget Office has found that the public option will lower the deficit.

    I think that Tennessee’s experience may emphasize the fact that individual states can’t successfully institute health care reform on their own.

  5. Paul Grass says:
    i bet he tried but was speaking to deaf ears, they are determined to bankrupt our country, it will open the door for massive fraud and has never worked anywhere

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