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Why do employers not want to hire me?

I’m a 26 year old male living in England with a good Bachelor’s Degree in International Business & German from a top English university. I’m multilingual and I have worked for 10 years of my life before, during and after university since the age of 16 (legal working age) to support myself and my studies. During that time, I have been the youngest top salesman in my region, have accrued the most bonus while working as a personal shopper during uni, worked abroad in Germany as a Corporate Travel Manager for a blue chip company negotiating volume based discounts and implementing online booking tools, managed a retail store in my town while studying at the same time and went back to Germany to study at uni there for a year hence becoming fluent in German.
During uni, I also played rugby, was part of the student union council, mentored 1st year students at uni and won a prize for the best thesis in my final year of study.

Since graduating, I have applied for in excess of about 500 graduate positions. I initially used a temping agency to tide me over with work until one of these jobs materialised. As a result, I gained vast experience in major firms sorting out their office admin and even got a short term contract as an insolvency clerk dealing with bankrupt individuals and firms. My latest job was as an Insurance salesman where I regularly hit my targets, provided bespoke solutions for customers and retained business as a result. I have recently been let go from that job due to staff cuts.

As a person, I’m very confident, tenacious and driven. Without sounding arrogant, I’m good-looking and well presented and get a fair bit of attention from women. I also have a great circle of friends and I’m always upbeat. This is the first time in my life since the age of 16 where I’ve not been working or studying or doing both at the same time. It feels strange.

Since being let go a month ago, I have applied continually for jobs in all sectors of the economy. I have had 5 telephone interviews and 2 final stage interviews face-to-face. I feel that’s pretty good going considering we are in a recession. They have either been mediated by myself or a recruitment consultant. I have always presented myself as confident with the attributes to match. Every prospective employer has commented and complimented that aspect of my character. However, it always boils down to something rather menial such as “In this particular section in the 5th minute of the assessment, we found you to be a little bit quiet and on that basis, we cannot hire you.” (that’s a true story from one of my final stage interviews!)
I must also add that out of the 500 graduate jobs applied for, I have been for around 50 final stage interviews, 50 assessment centres, 120 telephone interviews, 30 rejection letters, 50 rejection emails and the rest were “no response”. The recruitment companies have also been unresponsive and have failed to fulfill their promises to set up final stage interviews despite the fact that the firm wants to see me. I don’t have the right to contact them directly by UK law.

I personally feel that for someone confident like myself and the obvious will to work and skills acquired, a firm should be able to acknowledge that and hire me. I know we are living in tough times but to have achieved all I have at such a young age, I’m proud and want a job to reflect my qualities. So far, I have not been able to show what I can do in a progressive workplace and really feel I would be a great asset to any company.

I’m also aware that shallow things such as race and discrimination would not be an issue as I’m White. It sounds terrible to say but there are still a large number of firms who palm off CV’s based on the person’s name.

So, from an outsiders point of view, is there anything more I can do? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
Only sensible answers please.
Angel-fire, thanks for the response. Just so you know, I’m applying left, right and centre even at temping agencies until something more lucrative bears fruit. I appreciate what you’re saying in terms of me coming across as vain and arrogant in the post but I can assure you that this is never what I do in an interview situation. I realise these qualities are off putting. However, when given the opportunity to sell myself as so many interviewers ask you to do, I highlight my achievements and tailor the answers to the questions asked. I don’t undersell myself neither do I oversell. I know there’s a balance. I’m a self confident individual and know there’s a fine line so I do my best not to overstep the mark in an interview situation.
Oh and Angel-fire, what do you determine to be life skills? Does the fact that I have lived abroad in a strange land fending for myself not qualify? Does the fact that I have had to support myself financially from the age of 16 not qualify? That remark is highly ambiguous.

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3 Responses to "Why do employers not want to hire me?"

  1. Angel-fire says:
    I am wondering if this post is real…. If it IS…. then To Be Honest, if I got your CV, I would be put off from the onset because you seem very full of yourself and come across as narcissistic and vain and arrogant. NOT good qualities… :( And you seem to assume that because you have a SHED load of qualifications that it makes you know more than anyone else, but at 26, you’ve hardly lived and have few life skills.

    And as many people who are post grads are actually applying for basic jobs, why don’t you do that? (Checkout operator/travelodge reception) just to tide you over until you can get something you really want? Beggars can’t be choosers! If you have had so many interviews and applied for so many jobs and are being constantly refused, then SOMEthing is clearly wrong with your manner and your attitude. Qualifications and experiences mean jack sh1t if you’ come across as a dick.

  2. Jessav says:
    You could be a great candidate for a network marketing company, like myself.
  3. Sarah-P says:
    Have to agree with angel fire. Maybe you are a nice guy deep down with redeeming qualities, but if your application and CV is anything like your post here, you will be coming across as full of yourself and pretty arrogant and showy. You need to tone yourself down a bit I think. Nobody likes a show-off. I know you need/want to sell yourself, but someone with less qualifications and so on, but an extra 10 years of life experience and who is a lot more humble, will stand a better chance.

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