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Why Do People Get into Debt?

Interview with Aisha Ali, psychotherapist about reasons behind debt


  1. IRS Tax Debt Relief Alternatives for Different People Having the need to pay the IRS for back taxes can result in much more difficulties, specifically if you disregard...

  2. Freedom Debt Relief – KRON4 TV Interview with Brad Stroh In this KRON4 TV interview Freedom Debt Relief co-CEO Brad Stroh, discusses the differences between various debt solution...

  3. Why do people use baby boomers as an excuse for Social Security’s impending insolvency? Those same baby boomers spent a lifetime paying into the program. There is no reason for their money not to...

  4. Are there any programs available with the stimulus bill to help people in chapter 13 bankruptcy? I have enough equity in my house to refinance and pay my chapter 13 bankruptcy but is there anyone out...

  5. How can I recover a debt owed to me? This one is a bit out the ordinary!!! I’ll give the basics but try and keep it short. I stupidly...

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